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  • OP updated.
  • I've now completed most of the lightmap UV's. I just added all the sounds to all the maps as well. I've seen some issues with the custom sounds in regards with reverb volumes, hope the "new" wwise system wont cause too much issues. Next up is do…
  • I've been concentrating so much on the 3D assets the last year, that I've seldom actually loaded up one of the 46 maps to see the result, but at the moment I've almost done all of the wood structures on MOUT McKenna, so I thought I'll publish a smal…
  • I've now only got 660(81% complete now) statichmesh left until I can start polishing the maps.
  • I've thinking all along that I would some how distribute the files in a packaged solution (Most likely outside of steam) . But I'll revisit the question when I come closer to the release.
  • Looking thought the second thread indicates more or less remakes to some extent. I'm ok with that, and to still release my version.
  • I feel a bit of a gravedigger posting is this thread again, but I feel it's time to post here again.. My last comment here is almost to the day a year ago. And in that time I've been working hidden in the background working on all of the graphic As…
  • I*m sorry that I wasn't able to finish these before I went on vacation, but I'll be gone for 3 weeks, so until I get back from that, there will be no updates.
  • Does this mean that if you want a Custom sound to be played(Cue+Wav) you will have to add them to the game event Round in play?
  • Just a small update: I've been busy the last weeks creating copies of all Materials, recreating them as Material Instances, and assigning a correct Mater material(Parent). It took some time creating the 8136 Instances, but I'm now done. It took m…
  • I can still use this in my Install: \Binaries\Win64\AAGameEditor.exe -cookededitor -nogadwarning -unattended -nopauseonsuccess -nosteam Since steam is turned off, you should get issues publishing to workshop, but just as a link to quickly get in…
  • At the moment I plan to distribute the AA2 content outside of Steam. That might change if I manage to cover all requirements in Steam. But generally, all you need to play a UMM, is to download the map, then find a server that is hosting the map.
  • Here is a video where I add a second set of uv's that will be used for the lightmaps. It's a simple object, and I was able to make the object in the default 32 resolution I'll admit that I'm not really an expert.
  • I've though several times that I would post a video of me fixing up the secondary uv map in 3DS max. Not just to show how I do it, but also a verification from others that I do it right. I think I will post a video this weekend of my pipeline when …
  • I actually managed myself to add a sound today. I've been grinding away on fixing up lightmaps UV's in 3DS Max. I've also added all the doors to all the maps. I've started adding spawns and objectives as well. 13:th of May is still the date to wait …
  • You guys are miss understanding, when I speak of public release, it only means that anyone that wants download the files and try them out will be able to do it. I want to get it out there as soon as possible to be able to get feedback as soon as pos…
  • I've now set my deadline date for the first public version. It will be downloadable in 4 weeks, the 13:th of May. Hope the fact that is a Friday the Thirteen will not jinx the release. The first version will be far from perfect, but you will be…
  • Ye's I've added Normal maps to all materials. Some of them just looks silly, or plain wrong, so I will clean up those before the final release. But they add another level of detail that makes the material look more real.
  • I felt a bit of my soul dying when I ported Airfield myself, it's a such a ugly map, and the Assets/Content is really messed up as well. But I'm really glad you are doing the AA3 Maps.