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  • iNv|DZADragoN wrote: » Well done. I like how concise they are while getting the message across. Thanks for covering the finals match, i'll be sure it gets posted to our FB page for slightly more exposure. would be great ty for that
  • I think Team nais0ne.com will take part...waiting for the others to confirm
  • A LMG would be great like MP7. High fire rate,less dmg, faster reload And we need weapon attachments like a silencer with function and maybe just optical set like laser light modul or a handle. You forgot the AT 4 or RPG 7. It could bring us o…
  • I know this post is old but here is my guide have fun
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » "n1 wrote: CeparSo^;40550"] -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » After you login, click the training button. the far right tab "User Made" click that...everything you've subscribed for is there. maybe you didn´t read my post..…
  • Pitpav wrote: » This topic was raised once last year in future wishes but with no response like always...new maps are better
  • Sometimes I´m really asking myself how many beta testers are actually testing the new updates before a release. It seems to me that problems like this which many people have should be detected earlier. But hey lets bring out some new maps...
  • A lot people would use this especially the people who use alternative sights like holo or ironsight or a different grenade setup.But like aloced said the game can´t even save your config between updates which is even more frustrating for me.
  • good question Keebler750. I just subriced them the normal way over steam workshop. I did it with 5 maps and just 3 of them are displayed in the menu. @ Levente thx will try it later and tell you if it works
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » After you login, click the training button. the far right tab "User Made" click that...everything you've subscribed for is there. maybe you didn´t read my post...I said some of my subcribed maps are NOT listed in that m…
  • Hey colts I´m watching all the streams of doba atm. Your league looks very nice exactly what AA:PG needs. I´m afraid I would not have enought time for this job otherwise I would do an application for it. But if you want you could contact me via ste…
  • I guess you already tried a fresh install of catalyst driver? I know you always hear the same with these kind of problems but try completely deinstall the driver before install the new one. If this doesnt work try out some older driver.
  • I gave them every inportant files,colors, font and the placement of everything. Their graphics team visualized the idea and after some adjustments with size and placement of logos and text I gave them the OK and they started the production waiting t…
  • I was always a fan of random mappicks by a system like it was in TWL Ladder. It was always luck if it picked your best map or your worst, so you were forced to practice this specific map. But this is of corse for BO1. In case of an tournament i agr…
  • =IK=Doba= wrote: » .. impressive.. overkill for this game... but to each his own .. well done maybe overkill but we also hold up a clan convention where we go play paintball and stuff. The shirts really comes with great quality better then th…
  • There aren´t many teams very active atm in european comp this question would be definitively be easier a year ago. My ranking would be, despite that the team is active or inactive atm 1. Team SuperSick - SSK 2. Virtual Insanity - VI 3. Team…
  • We as a clan designed our own shirts with tanked.de/esports/
  • I wouldn´t say to completly remove the revive feature out of the game. I mean we have many optins to shoose from server sighted like revive yes or no, revive after headshot even the amount of revives. There are some true points mentioned already.…
  • would also get stomachache if the add vehicles!!!
  • would be definitely be a fan of that feature!!!!
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