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  • Something that works for me for the weapon skin is I go in there and manually select it every time before I start playing. Even if the skin selected is the skin I want to use, I still move it to a different skin before re-selecting the skin I want. …
  • Crd86 wrote: » Does anyone else have a problem with there stats mine says i have played 17000 days I like the game but not that much lol anyway to fix this? My thought on seeing this when I look at others stats is that they constantly leave the…
  • The game is alive and well. I've never once had an issue finding a game to load into at any time of the day. Not sure when you stopped playing, but team killing has been very much contained. You still get bullet in the back chumps but the damage …
  • frankof wrote: » If its not here, its not likely to happen anytime soon Pretty awesome looking list.
  • I wanted to stop in and say I captured two more instances of this happening yesterday. Based on the timing of the dev post saying a fox would be in the next patch I didn't know of that meant the last patch we had or one still to come. Anyway it appe…
  • There's been a lot of rubber banding lately when I'm sitting between 30-60 ping. A lot. Some servers are unplayable.
  • Kartigan wrote: » We've identified a possible cause for the reload bug. A fix for it will be in the next patch. Thank you for all the feedback and the video. It showcased looking into the reload sequence, and with some theory crafting we foun…
  • qR_Kvshed wrote: » When you read my stats, realize I've done this solo, I haven't had a team. These stats would be less impressive if I did, definitely. Yeah same here. I can count on one hand the number of times I've grouped up. I personally d…
  • weakness_aa wrote: » If you watch the video closely it reveals that he reloads his weapon 9 times in the video. In EVERY single case when he heals himself then reloads, it returns a bullet count of 1 in the magazine. That leaves 3 reloads that d…
  • Two more of them this morning, both resulting in my death. REALLY wish this crap would get fixed
  • SHANE523 wrote: » I wish we could get a response from Tots on this issue. Is it load? Is it a bug? Is it a misconfig? Is it poor matchmaking? For what it's worth, I've never experienced the rubber banding I was seeing you go through in that…
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » This is a really nice video in its own way... I think the one at 0:45 might have been you picking up the flag (the final bit of the sound is missing as well, unlike the rest of the video), but the others seem to be the real …
  • I feel like they've fixed a lot of the issues with guns showing through walls. Haven't noticed it a lot lately. That one was kinda lame too, but I liked it when it was in my favor
  • Fun video. Never seen a triple kill like that before. Don't you just love it when the scrubs just line up in a row for you
  • If anything I wish there were some way to penalize the idiots who flash their team st the beginning of every round. Beyond that team kill penalties are in a good place man. You should have seen it before the current system
  • Three cheers for DevTots! Hip hip HOORAY!
  • Yeah I played 2 hours this morning and it didn't pop up once in the rotation. At one point it looked like I was about to join a game in progress on the map but it timed me out
  • Love it! Looking forward to trying out the new map before work tomorrow. I just wanted to remind you guys about the reload bug. It'd been around for quite a while now and it has been getting me killed.
  • The only complaint I have is when I know a guy is hiding behind a corner, but aim assist makes me aim at the wall he's hiding behind. Other than that I don't really notice it, but I don't really play other shooters.
  • How would it be possible to program a system to take into account what someone actually intended to do? Until they find a way to hook up an intention detecting monitor to the ps4 controller I just don't see how it's to be done