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  • Try lookin at account after a hr or so after linking takes a mo to register its wut happened 2me
  • ThursdayLE wrote: » What is the deal with this game today? I talked a few buddies into playing that miss Socom and after several sessions of 20 min waits, we can only get into P2P games with over 250 ping. Two days ago I could get into a game with…
  • Tyvm 4 the heads up
  • I m gettin kicked 145 error now idk if its due 2 server not bein on 100% yet n me jumpin in soon as i saw tweet or sumthing else i tryed 5Xs will wait a hr or so n retry hopefully i ll get in soon ty 4 tweetin ur taken game down btw very helpf…
  • Juss redo it guys dats wut ive done with all my guns twice now cept shotgun hawkeyein again = full of dread
    in Camos Comment by Medic4you July 2017
  • I say keep it but right now its way to strong n will pull u off guy ur aimin to autolock another at times...usely the worng time also i m very sure the Devs kno its to strong
  • Ok after thinking bout it & watching vids for layouts & names askin sum community members n randoms heres a list of maps wutever 1s u can get to us quickly would be loved very much in order ( I took notes lol ) Bridge pipeline slums coldfron…
  • Bridge plz to start pipeline um...I ll get bac to ya cause im spacein on names atm but would like newer maps to like coldfront i think its called not 100% sure Oh & ty 4 quick reply
  • Party system needs a lil tunein 8man partys= only 7 gettin in we tryed a few times also a few games had us on dif teams then after a few games not rounds but games we would all b on same team then dif teams again next game
    in 1.08 Comment by Medic4you July 2017