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  • The aim assist is still too strong, imo. Tracks too far and it locks onto people. The option to even turn it off would be great. And in the future, be off for any type of competitive/clan play.
  • I was an old Socom player myself. I consider it to be the game that I had the most fun playing over an extended amount of time. COD 4 was close. BF3 & 4 were great IMO for communication and teamwork. It is time to let Socom go. It isn't coming b…
  • Yes, good work to this point. I have one silly request. Can we get the gamma slider to save like the other settings. I have to change every lobby I go in to.
  • woot
  • Agree. I think that should go as well. Maybe a little left to right slow down for the console. But not the current model. That through the wall thing is crazy. It does mess with your shot a lot when aimed and another player runs across your view.
  • BeardlessSumo wrote: » 2. Leaderboards and Stats available in menus. 3. Homestead map has frame-rate lag, likely because of all the shrubs. . 2. Why would you need stats to have a competitive mode? 3. I agree, Homestead is horrible to play w…
  • This. Yes please!!
  • edit - will the game always be p2p? Or will we get dedicated servers at some point?
  • Homestead, (the jungle map I think) The barn over by the river. There is always a frame drop on the outside steps going up and coming out of the basement and going around to the steps. Might be something in that area. Sometimes that area of the jung…
  • I think that is only at the beginning of the round.
  • From what I heard, it was supposed to come out today but was held for one more day. I think it should be out tomorrow.
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  • Since this was mentioned and I'm sorry to invade your thread here...... [/quote] No Worries. For the most part your right about Socom. I think the people that liked Socom may like a round based, one life, shooter. Rather than all the re…
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