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  • Try playing with the guy, jeez
  • Still having issues with my settings not saving. I have to go in every time I start up and increase my master volume so I can actually hear. Also, bone of my skins save.
  • I appreciate it. I sounded like an [TOS Violation] but I was frustrated that I had meanted something like that and then someone else rambled on about something else. I felt, forgotten. Lol Thanks for your patience and Idk how you answer with such r…
  • So are we completely ignoring the bugs they still have instead of asking for more stuff?
  • Still having issues with the settings not saving. I have to go in every time I start the game and manually turn up the master volume. It's set to maybe 60% every time. I usually turn down the music volume back when we had the save issue. Now most of…
  • Idk if this goes here or not but I was wondering if there is a server browser that I’m missing or not? I just go to play online and it finds me a server. Also, is there a way to vote kick players? Thanks! Sparc19
    in 1.08 Comment by TheSparc19 July 2017
  • What do you mean live? No more beta or bringing the beta back to the market? Just curious, I have friends that want to play but missed the initial download. Thanks! Sparc
    in 1.04 Comment by TheSparc19 July 2017
  • Reporting bugs that I am having. I'm color blind so I find red really hard to see. When I change the default colors, colors of your team, opfor, and VIP. They don't save. They always change, either back to default, or back to colors I cannot see.…