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  • I have a Dt990 Pro and i can tell it doesn't work bad for AAPG, it maybe has a bit too much bass and that is why i replaced it with a 598se a while ago. Granted, the 990 is not bad at all, it's just that the 598 is way more neutral and also sounds s…
  • [kT]Dominus-FGNLeague.com wrote: » -SD-DELTON wrote: » The problem is the players that play the game to just relax and have fun with their clan members don't bother with this forum they just want to play so most of the arguments about how bad …
  • I was about to say that it shouldn't run at 3 frames per second, even with the intel chip, then i saw the panel resolution...nice laptop btw.
  • That q6600 is quite the bottleneck, and actually if you want to squeeze all the power you can get from the 1060 you'll definately need to swap to a newer socket for a much more modern cpu (even the fastest cpu you could theoretically get for that sy…
  • IO_i_OI wrote: » I take about a 2 year hiatus only to come back and play....... the same game and the same map (innerHospital). It's long past time for a major upgrade, geez. Even the Devs have to be bored fixing the same bugs all the time. i.e. c…
  • The ChokeSaver? SSKnecabo wrote: » Next patch: "Make our next achievements!" Hehe, agree
  • Again, since my comment was deleted, please test things throughout before releasing. Hopefully you won't find such a basic idea harmful or hateful content.
  • I sometimes get stuck in objects while vaulting on them. Happened to me at least 3 or 4 times during the last month, and I don't play a lot at all. SSKnecabo wrote: » I don't support buglists, it is pure negativity. Make a feature list instead. …
  • Awesome job. I still remember playing Snakeplain back then, on the GGS (GoGetSome) server, with Stratofortress, Wody, Axelaxi and so on...good times. Anyone remember parking the humvee on Viper Veranda? Tricky spot but it was fun.
  • I wish Apple was here reading and commenting all of this. He was SO keen on recommending everyone to try the opt-ins back then, because "the old beta is old, and it sucks, etc etc etc".
  • frankof wrote: » [ENG]Uni-Sol wrote: » Just FYI, It's highly likely that the AMD GPU is at fault, not your CPU. Other way around i would guess, AMD CPU's has considerably weaker performance per cycle, especially per core. Just the statement th…
  • raw!^ wrote: » Badmins destroying this game. -One clan bans if you hacked in different game 4 years ago. -One clan ban for not reviving enough..(not kidding) -One ban bans if you get too good score. Worthless topic tbh...just move on to the …
  • Happy Xmas, tovarish.
  • tdv100 wrote: » LOL! "Soon"... We don't scrape anything, but what i can say is that we are limited to the queries per minute. I wish we could do more... I believe their are over 1.4 million AA accounts, and if were to query all, it would take w…
  • But that's basically Draat! Or at least it looks closely like it.
  • TheTots wrote: » Negative The previous font was "bad" in comparison to the one we had back in the old beta. This new one....is almost unreadable, and I'm not kidding! Scales badly within resolution, too...
    in Fonts Comment by Koden December 2016
  • So the system automatically bans alt accounts of a previously banned player (even the ones caught through Punkbuster)?
  • SSKnecabo wrote: » -SD-DELTON wrote: » also all official servers at top of list is unfair to clans paying for their servers, new players will always choose first server they see to play on. Please change this dev's. What's wrong with putting…
  • Happened to me a few times aswell, I also had a worse issues where I basically tried to move up from prone and then vault on some object, ending up stuck in said object. I believe the timing on that sequence of actions is also implied.