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  • Yeah, that's a major outage, and i think it has easily started at least 30/40 minutes ago...that's odd, it mostly happens under Xmas/Easter sales.
  • #ROCK-=Carbon=- wrote: » wont let me login Seems like it's an authentication issue.
  • Is that an italian server? I've experienced stuff like that on the 69.ID server.
    in AAPG game bug Comment by Koden June 2019
  • To be honest, joining a match through Steam has rarely worked for me. Or at least it hasn't been consistent.
  • frankof wrote: » The game has been dead or dying sins at least AA2.3... That's bold! And hurts. Also, things were slightly different back then. Might be a matter of fond memories, but i still remember the forums, the community, the maps depot!!…
    in Dead game Comment by Koden March 2019
  • aaHollywood wrote: » RollingInTheHurt wrote: » 2019 vision should be shifting 70% of team resources across to AA5 development. Then the remaining 30% focus on trickling out bug/performance fixes for AA4. That's about where we're at Does th…
  • ={101st}=Whiplash27 wrote: » BTW, SF Recon is all I need to say regarding this topic. That map was HUGE and everyone avoided it like the plague. Like the post above me says, large maps without vehicles would not work. SF Recon and River Basin d…
  • phil.sv wrote: » I get now statistic from gametrackers.com: Arma3 (34.99 euros of cost) : 6,231 players in all the world, servers with 100 to 220 players AAPG (free ==> 0.00 euros) : 248 players in all the world, servers with 24 players …
  • frankof wrote: » Last i heard. there's no set plan for it as the target audience is US. Is this server hosting related?
  • Keebler750 wrote: » How many people-hours do you think it takes to put out bug free software? If really smart people like you would actually report how these things are done, we could squash them. Instead, you make dumb posts like the above. Ke…
    in Bugs. Comment by Koden January 2019
  • Someone changed the material properties for that kind of glass in the editor...?
  • ={101st}=Whiplash27 wrote: » I just ran though reaction... I remember this map when I was a beta like 3 years ago and it looks just as alpha as it did back then. Strange to just put it out there unfinished now. i wasn't in the beta but i've nev…
  • piSSko^ wrote: » AAGL is taken down? And there also was a Steam group which has now disappeared...?
  • I am not entirely sure if that's the same people i remember of, but Chicken's Farm Corp. reminds me of an Hospital server back in AA2. Are they polish?
  • All in all i appreciate the update because it also features a good amount of bug fixes and exploit being fixed or totally prevented from happening as a whole. I hope the "running while cooking a grenade" bug was fixed, because it was still in the ga…
  • -[U|S|A]-DannyBoy wrote: » Those charts are made by CNN so be careful!! I think this was, is, and always will be the best free FPS on the market, no other game has the community loyalty that AA franchise has always had, I been playing since N…
  • MaL___ wrote: » I would like to know how the Devs plan to combat trolling in this game. I read that vote to kick is unlikely for ps4 but it's seems to be the most effective way to counter trolls ruining games. It's not uncommon to see friendly fir…
  • [Dev]Rawrster wrote: » We are a bit tied up with PS4 at the moment, but weapon skins will definitely be in the next PC update. That update should also contain a couple new maps. Thank you for the update...on PS4.
  • -pR|Arkeiro.ek wrote: » i9.doogle wrote: » Yes, why wasn't this advertised? The homage to PC starts at around the 50-minute mark. He says there is some cool stuff coming for PC. Not a very informative podcast for the AAPG vets, but interestin…
  • Keebler750 wrote: » Simple solution...go buy a PS4. (I won't be, however...) I honestly appreciate the fact they choose PS4 over the Xbox. Actually, PS4 has several major interesting exclusives which make it worthy. I guess that's why Xbox d…