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  • Whatever protection you mention isn't doing anything to stop attacks. Every single asia pacific server has been relentlessly hit the last few days to the point not a single server can stay up. Most of the time the US official Aus servers are offl…
  • =R*C=TeEeJai! wrote: » WOW, I can't believe all the comments in here. All of Australia and New Zealand's servers have basically been offline for six months due to this. Never ever any helps................. oh it's not a game issue. Talk to your p…
  • Thats 3 crashes on a US Official server now within 24 hours. Would any of the Dev's or Server Admins like to comment as to the cause? Seems to me the flood attacks are now starting on US servers. I was playing on Great Outdoors last night during …
  • So last night Australian servers were again relentlessly attacked to the point no one could play, and noted Great Outdoors also lagged out and crashed while I was playing there instead. Twice within an hour. Thats 3 crashes on a US Official serv…
  • righto Hermann, if you honestly believe there is no problem here, then you have your head firmly buried in the sand. Otherwise, thanks for the helpful response.
  • which is what my server host is telling me as well Muffy, it's a programming deficiency on the AAPG server
  • =R*C=Teejay wrote: » Seriously, think about not being able to play this game on any server without having a ping of 200 or more. Correct, apart from the 200 ping part. Once the attacks commence, the server *WILL* crash. That is guaranteed. So y…
  • -Ner0- wrote: » Dev's are aware about DDoS attack in Australia http://forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/comment/46312/#Comment_46312 I'm aware of that. I'm also aware that nothing really has eventuated from this after 12 months + of attacks. …