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  • Starshooter467 wrote: » i have the same problem how do i fix it Then use Big_John@Taiwan's solution, install VS2015
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI- wrote: » V_NillaJ wrote: » The current implementation of ForceWeapon and ForceClass would not have the capability to support the removal of a single weapon/class, and keep all others. Unfortunately, this would not be an easily ac…
  • Check if you need a update/install of .net Oh, and btw, the 64bit client isnt really supported, it works for most, but its not 100%
  • i guess you play on a different account, because your PS4 acc. isn't linked to this site. BTW. What do you mean by "trophies"?
    in PS4 Trophies Comment by frankof June 23
  • your caps lock is stuck....... (sorry but i cant be as serious as soldier when i see this...)
    in Leader Board Comment by frankof May 29
  • Like Levente is on to, the only reason not to use UE5 is that its not released for another 18 months(or so), i would like to see the next game before that... (i would also like to see the next game with Vulcan API, but i dont think that would happe…
  • Historically it has been two branches of "games", America's Army Public Applications and America's Army Government Applications, the two of them rarely crosses, some of it made it on to AA2 in a very simplified state(Javeline and crow), some made it…
  • [!ReDRuM!]Damian wrote: » There is a possibility that its related to the AMD GPU's, we all know the famous flash freezes. I've had it one time on my old GPU which was the R7 370, but never had it on my NVIDIA GPU's. And you can forget asking suppo…
  • -[U|S|A]-Gorilla wrote: » I understand that you are upset and think this has nothing to do on your end. But clearly with other people being here saying that these are ways they fixed the issue you can see how this is not our game, but something on…
  • [!ReDRuM!]Damian wrote: » frankof wrote: » IMHO, being around testing bots in AA2 and 3, i rather not see them back. That were running on software that you can't compare to what we have now, just call Elon Musk and ask if we could use his AI …
  • IMHO, being around testing bots in AA2 and 3, i rather not see them back.
  • Threes also a thing called "peering", simplified, its the deal your ISP makes with other ISP to let traffic through each other networks. Sometimes you get the direct route, other times you take the long way around.
  • Steam, tools, install dedicated server Its not shipped with the base game. (i might have misunderstood the problem tho)
  • Black.Force20 wrote: » Hi everyone, but version 2.8.3 or 2.8.5 won't load me any servers ... but has it been closed as a game? Yes, for many years. You can set up your own server, but sins its been discontinued people would have to join by IP in…
    in Domanda Comment by frankof April 2
  • Aim and single shot. The sway and recoil is sort of semi random, but in general, pull down and to the left.
    in recoil Comment by frankof March 20
  • google "tweak UE3 games". Theres very few decent guides for this game, most are written by clueless players telling you to edit stuff for the editor etc. And ignore bridge, the fog volume is broken.
  • PureFetty wrote: » What about the game being a recruitment tool prevents them from providing paid DLC or something similar? Government policy i guess, besides, the funding for the game comes from the PR department, adding payed content wont inc…