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  • I think he may mean there is light emitting off of the road markings (and parking space lines), they do look a little bright and kinda odd looking in such a dark map, but that's a nice looking remake Muzza.
  • I've got a few skins in the game (the hexagonal camo pattern ones) so I know how much time and effort is needed to make these skins and honestly, that's one of the best looking and well made skins I've seen yet EDYBMAGADAN. I'd even go as far to …
  • Warrior Wolverine still here pumping out awesome maps! rather than post on the other maps you've done recently too, I'll just say nice job on them all here! It's been a while since I played AAPG and your sooooo making me wanna fire it back up I …
  • -=TDO=-Mephiisto wrote: » will the game ever be available for us here in europe ? *dat disappointment when u buy ps4 pro just to play aapg then find out its not possible in europe* ((( Unless something has changed since I last knew about this I…
  • doogle! wrote: » When I wanted the really really easy kills, I went to play with Probe
  • Commander-cb wrote: » Heya. i have been away for 3 years now. Currently running on a laptop (ok), missing my main rig. Personal update. I am _about_ one hoop away from joining Infantry. Canada Armed Forces Infantry. I am 52. I think th…
  • Chill out its coming soon.
  • Nice job dude!
  • I've been a fan, I've been a critic, been here for years and been on the exact same ride as most here, we've all seen how AA has operated in regards to the public in the past, we rarely get anything.. we've had the silence and we've had the surprise…
  • It's still a bunch of ideas jotted on some post-its around the office
  • If they didn't pick you up you'd be calling them scrubs too.. damned if you do damned if you don't.. have you ever revived and got killed (or your teammate) whilst doing it? Exactly! Reviving co-incidentaly fills all of the Army Values! Duty. …
  • ={101st}=Whiplash27 wrote: » All of the regulars have pretty much stopped posting here. *peeps in through a crack in the door* Oh nobody's home still, I'll just come back later.
  • I had a similar problem years ago with a GPU that I had overclocked, it worked fine for about a year. When things started to go wrong it would be OK in windows and browsing web etc.. but soon as I did something strenuous on the GPU the screen would …
  • Maybe it's a case that a sore loser tends to blame the game for their suckage, rather than themselves. It's not them that is trash, it's the game.
  • Unfinished?.. what? do you even know how old this game is? it was finished a long time ago. Yes it gets the occasional update to add new content (maps and weapons) and fixes for game-breakers/bugs. As I see it the game itself was released as finishe…
  • =[O2K]=JonnyBlaze wrote: » [ENG]Uni-Sol wrote: » IDC whatever, he owned it and he's also owning it whilst using my skin! Legend Hhaha really its your skin Uni-sol i love me some camo its a great skin, how do you make your own? There was a…
  • IDC whatever, he owned it and he's also owning it whilst using my skin! Legend
  • Keebler750 wrote: » Sure!!! There are several in the Steam Workshop as User Made Maps!! Ahh the old "plenty in workshop" comment.. but unless you either run or know a server owner with a successful player-base running such a server running sa…
  • Can't help with your issue tbh.. but I have to say.. WOW you are fast! nice job dude!
  • It's like asking if they have plans to add knives..