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  • An update was pushed out to to the name changing page that requires an update to PHP on the server. We are updating PHP now and you should be able to change your name again soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. To answer your question though, yes …
  • does changing your weapon or even the optic on your weapon fix it? Is it the M4 that you are seeing the issue on? Any other weapons?
  • if you want to get M4 hawkeyes, don't use frag grenades. it isn't "pointless" the whole point of a weapon specific challenge is to get you to use the weapon for the CHALLENGE and complete a specific task.
  • We are still defining the public API, but I would expect the maps played data to be part of it.
  • you shouldn't have to do anything special to publish. Are you trying to change the name of the map or any flags or the description? Have you accepted the latest Steam Workshop Agreement?
    in . Comment by DeltaKilo October 2015
  • keep in mind that the silver hawkeye has to be earned entirely with the M24, so if you get a grenade or pistol kill as one of the kills towards a silver hawkeye, it won't count towards your weapon challenge progress.
  • Actually, after looking at it some more I see you got 66 kills and 10 hawkeyes with the M24 between the time you reported this and the time we pulled your stats for review. We will keep looking into it.
  • JoCommando wrote: » I have complete the challenge and got the M24 elite achievement but I cant have the snake skin and it seem stucked can you not select the skin or is it not showing up in the game after you select it? Be sure to check afte…
  • PhatB4st4rd, we are showing that you need 427 more kills and a silver hawkeye to complete the M24 expert challenge. Is this what you see in game? It seems to match what you say it should, except for the silver hawkeye.
  • It no longer works because the forum theme was updated and that feature was not implemented in the new theme. It will be added back when we can. Until then, you can copy/paste the person's name at the end of this URL to view their stats: http://ww…
  • We are looking into it, thanks for the report.
  • the purple and white panels are a missing texture, so assets may have moved packages? what happens when you try to open the editor? Mission Editor for Full Editor?
    in crash Comment by DeltaKilo October 2015
  • I see you all have XP and stats on the website. Is it just the display in game that is not showing your correct rank and XP? Are they not changing on the end of match screen or the weapon challenges, scoreboard?…
  • They should not be reset and you should not need to do them again. We have received reports of the display in game not properly reflecting the actual progress and showing all zeros and are looking into it. Are you still seeing this issue or did …
  • seems like a lot of work and coordination, are you sure they wanted a 2-person advantage or were they all trying to get on the same team?
  • we were running two UMM official servers for a while and rotate a few of the maps each month. We had 12 maps on at any time and we will do that again once the Mission Editor update is released and some maps get updated on the workshop.
  • Tatsfield wrote: » I always hope that people of influence read comments in enthusiast forums but I suspect that they aren't avid readers of the pleas of the faithful! The good things about these forums are they aren't "enthusiast" forums, but o…
  • If you go for the reset, everything will be reset like a new account
  • =IK=Moridin63 wrote: » On my stats page I'm listed as having 500 kills with the M4, but 800 kills with the M24 and M14 M4 is my main gun and I was around 100-200 into the expert (of 500) challenge, so 400-500 M4 kills.. shows 500, great, but I h…