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  • You can fill out info on players that you think are hacking with any details involved (regular players and time of day or videos and players names. https://www.americasarmy.com/support/abuse Also as for the servers without PB you can go here and …
  • The key that you have keybind as backwards.
  • As you can see with time gaming mice for pc are cheaper and more players have them. But what makes a mouse a good gaming mouse? USB- Comp gamers do not use wireless mouse because of the slight delay in your connection from PC to mouse back to PC.…
  • Most games do not give much more then a 15 min warning about an update. As a ex server owner I took the responsibility of saving my files 1nce every 2 weeks and deleting the ones out of date for this reason. If you make it a habit then you won't hav…
  • I am positive you mouse has an influence on this.
  • I have had this happen a bunch of time to me. I started to pay attention to what I was doing more and more. I use a razor naga mouse which is a PC gaming mouse with 19 functions. So from my experience when I get caught up in the game I hold to far b…
  • Its been a pleasure Hollywood. Come visit soon I hope. Take care bud.
  • I would fill this out. https://www.americasarmy.com/support/game-technical
  • As Levente said naming and shaming players/clans is against the forum rules. That being said please take the time to read the forum rules here. https://forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/3/forums-rules#latest Also please note that Private serve…
  • This is common for some UMM's. From my understanding it is something that you would need to change in the UMM editor or find another Pipeline to download. you might have to try a few to find one that is not so bad.
  • I would fill this out. https://www.americasarmy.com/support/server-technical
  • Keebler750 wrote: » What are the maps in the rotation? If they are the Great Outdoors maps, then that makes sense not to have voting for other maps, since "GO" stands for Great Outdoors. (Please remember OTHER community members keep asking for a G…
  • I am afraid not. We have asked the Devs to inc this into the admin control panel a while back. It used to be in AA2's ACP and it was a wonderful tool then considering how many maps where available and how some were large and some not so large as wel…
  • Also I would like to clear the air. I am not saying one 1 or 2 people complain. I would say ALOT of ppl do. I do as well but when I want to comp I try to think about how things might come across. Then half the time I do not make the post I was going…
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  • Indeed a good point.
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  • I think the rounds are short already. But if we had larger maps and more players in a game then it would be a cool addon. Maybe something to think about for AA5.
  • Simply put guys the army gives the direction on how they want the game made. AA:PG is proving grounds. The game also has to have its own signature. Keeps it separated from other games with large studios that inc everything into the game that most pl…
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  • It would be cool to have claymores added to the game.
  • Not with AA:PG. But there are other options for Clan Tag Protection. https://forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/5030/clan-tag-protection