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  • AA2 Pipeline was fun & those awesome doors :P
  • Watched this like 2 days ago and it was interesting. One time watch only though.
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » This should be in R&R. Personally I think it sucks, I wouldn't touch it with 10 foot pole. Not my cup of tea, played it for like 30 minutes, and it was 30 minutes wasted from my life that I can never get back. But yeah…
  • I really loved AA 2 all the way to AA 2.8. Before I discovered AA 2 I searched and tried out every FPS I could find, Ghost Recon (it was good), COD WW2, Wolfstein, Halo, and none of them didn't click. When I found AA 2 it was amazing. More teamwo…
  • Keebler750 wrote: » That's cool!!! However, I have to ask...the guy in the second position, he's wide open....what's to stop multiple Opfor from Double Delivering some lead in his direction too? You mean the the Opfor guy Up & Over? No…
  • I just listen to my instincts. It's easy to spot a cheater if you know the game well or if you're keen and observant. When that happens I do couple of test rounds and if impossible & strange things happen every time no matter what I do then I ei…
  • CPL-J.Rizzo[3rdID] wrote: » Restored the game profile in the nivdia CP and then set the video processor to that again. I was gonna say disable all the unnecessary processes in the background, but you solved it! Didn't quite understand what you m…
  • SSKnecabo wrote: » ...Good old topic of people needing excuses for getting owned. Honestly I don't get owned much. I'm not pro but I'm a good player and that's because I don't play a lot. And getting owned doesn't bother me at all Anyways... …