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  • Seriously? lol Surgery corridor and darkroom so much darker. It exactly the same as about a year or so ago when Dev's eventually admitted they had broken it while fixing some clipping issues. Is it only on NVIDIA cards maybe? you guys on AMD?
  • Had same problem with a 1070 NVidia card after a update to windows 10. Tried all off the above but eventually it took a complete graphics driver clean out using and a reins…
    in FPS Drop Comment by JoGary December 2017
  • fixed it about a year ago.......... Bought a Nvidia 1070
  • Keebler750 wrote: » DrWinters wrote: » Inner hospital lighting broken again. Dark room and red hall is where it is most notacible. You didn't forget to reset your gamma, did you? No it not the Gamma. it has happened on previouse updates and …
  • Inner hospital lighting broken again. Dark room and red hall is where it is most notacible.
  • yeah it happens quite often. it happens to me when i die at the exact same time i try throw frag. I never get to throw it but i dont have it my inventory when i revived. Also thrown a few frags that just never explode but that a different issue. lag…
  • I was thinking that to Doba. But a move to Unreal 4 would be to much of fantasy I guessing
  • I play whenever I got free time. no set time that I play. Also I should note that windows updates have caused me ping problems in past but I turned of Auto update. Yeah I guessing it my router that doesn't deal with multiple connections that well. I…
  • New ingame resolution 108x190 option for the low budget PC..... ?
  • Pipeline was fun. So many approaches and height differences. Or mayby I just getting nostalgic in my old age
  • I find that most of my ping spikes have been related to other devices using my Router. I have more than enough Bandwidth but other devices using the WiFi cause me ping spikes. Mostly my phone is my cultrate. It begins updating apps or uploading phot…
  • Return of a old Map maybe???? Pipeline or similar
  • Are you playing on a private server?. seems to be private server problem trying to find old posts on it. but best I can recal it was something like the TS ports had been changed and it required server ownwers to manually edit their INI files. belo…
  • changing to default device or choosing specific device does not work. either I have had some serious DeJaVu or we been here before
  • tried a few private servers. no Voice comms. I seem to remember this same conversation after a previous update. turned out serverowners had to change some team speak setting in their files or something as Voice comms use TS servers. cant recall exac…
  • Fix for AMD cards!!!!!!!! that would be a shocker...... especially as I have just invested in a new 1070 Nvidia lol
  • I had this on a server earlier today. It may be client related rather than server. restarting my pc worked. ps. restarting my game did not work. had to reboot completely
  • Will the net code update repair the issue of registering hits on target that where introduced by last net code update? Thanks
  • I have felt since net code that there more instances of teleporting players and that i shoot more blanks Nothing i can prove just from 2000 hours plus gaming i usually have a good idea when i have hit someone or not. It feels like everyone is now p…
  • if you start reloading and then select a frag, flashbang, revive or bandage before completely finishing reload you don't get a reload and sometimes you end up with clip with 1 bullet. Maybe this is what is happening??