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  • We had bomb securing fully implemented in the beta, but took it out based on player feedback.
  • Did you upgrade to W10?
  • "Dct.F|Levente wrote: » having only 1 PC in the studio sounds unlikely... It really slows down our development process
    in Skins Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • We have a PC + PS4 release in testing. It fixes the skin issue on PS4. Expected release late next week.
    in Skins Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • CSGO doesn't allow ReShade either. That's kind of the standard for online competitive games as far as I'm aware. As far as anti-cheat, we have that in the form of PunkBuster. VAC works essentially the same as PB in function, and Warden is proprieta…
    in reshade ban Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • You could be using reshade for all the right reasons. You could just as easily be using it for nefarious purposes. Same files / software work both ways. It is that ambiguity that we can't have.
    in reshade ban Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • As Gorilla said, you'll have to talk to ACI about the ban. They are an independent third party group so we do not control the bans or policies on servers that use their tools.
    in reshade ban Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • Official Statement: Do not use it. There are just too many variables and ways to exploit with it, so we can't allow it. A good rule of thumb with online games "don't modify anything".
    in reshade ban Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • Could be you are banned through ACI. If that is the case all servers running their checks would have you as banned. You can reach out to those guys here:
    in Help Me Plz Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • That means that particular server owner has banned you from their server.
    in Help Me Plz Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • If you're running on wifi, and you know your wifi is bad, that's probably it. I would try to run a hard line to see if the same happens.
  • We'll get you squared away. If you're not fixed in 48 hours PM me directly and I"ll look into it.
    in Afa Comment by TheTots July 2018
  • Contacting support is the right way to go. As for "number of reports" it doesn't matter if it is 1 or 100. There isn't an automatic number or reports that gets you banned. Our bans are hand done by our Admin team based on their own findings.
  • If we thought he was actually hacking we would have banned him and stopped there. I was just answering the question as to what the logs say. It's showing him executing the pause command without the privileges he should have to do it. Very strange. …
  • If we're just going off what I see in the logs, you're using a base unreal engine hack to force the pause command. I've got programmers taking a look to see what else it could possibly be.
  • I still don't have any logs. Please email them to me at thetots at americasarmy dot com
  • You need to be a PS+ subscriber
  • Player health and time to kill is different on console to make it "feel" better. Because everything moves more slowly you want more time to react to being shot since you can't just flick. Lean and supported were removed for controller real estate…
    in Crossplay Comment by TheTots June 2018
  • Crossplay won't happen. Just doesn't work for skill shooters. The controller + KB/M disparity is just too much. As to feature differences there aren't that many. The PS4 doesn't have lean, shoot houses, or a server browser. It also doesn't have …
    in Crossplay Comment by TheTots June 2018
  • We've been down this road enough times TheTots wrote: » We are happy where the netcode is. If you have specific bugs that are reproducible please send them to us at
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