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  • -[U|S|A]-Gorilla wrote: » Besides, only a competent developer would know that you can't use point and click and assets and expect to have a top rate game that makes everyone happy. QFT!
  • Are you sure that someone is DDOS you or the server? How do you know you are being DDOS'd? Is anyone else being kicked? Have you looked through your log files to see if there are any errors? Do you have a packet sniffer on your router to confirm …
  • You played AA in 1996? As for your problem. If you take a look at the log file, it may indicate what is wrong with the connection. The file should be located under C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Logs
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » (especially Mr. Allknowing Hackerhunter Badmin) I LOL'd... so true. everyone thinks they are a G.O.D. and admins have a serious case of Dunning-Kruger.
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » Maybe an admin can mute someone in text chat? But if a player mutes an other, he can still see his texts? I'm unsure... Time for a Beta Test ...
  • .!.dgodfather wrote: » Fair enough and good points Gorilla. One last observation though. A beta tester, while allowed their opinions and freedom to express them, should be held to a higher standard in representing the game. They probably should no…
  • For future reference... https://twitter.com/AmericasArmy
  • viperpoof wrote: » the person who is shooting at you needs to only reveal the very few centimetres of the top of their skull is absolutely stupid put the ******* eyes in the neck like every single other game it's not that hard of a fix just shows …
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » Edit: I think you need 1,273,200 points to reach level 41, so you need 36,062 more. Theory and reality are not that different. In theory. In theory...
  • Keebler750 wrote: » It's like a soccer 'parent' criticizing combustion chamber geometries, chemistry and thermodynamic efficiencies in zir mini van.... I LOL'd.... So true.... so true.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI- wrote: » Enable VOIP set it to off leave it about a minute or 2 and then switch it back on always works for me and saves you leaving the server. A second or two is all I've ever needed to reset VOIP
  • Your ping from Stockholm is good at 300ms... https://wondernetwork.com/pings/Sydney
  • As Keeb's stated in another thread... Keebler750 wrote: » Perhaps English is not your main language, but I don't understand what you're trying to say. Also, without rudimentary punctuation, I can't tell which words go with which. In the mean t…
  • [DD]Zaraaf wrote: » [DD] Chicago | Inner Hospital | ACI Having a server set to Inner Hospy won't get you any players unless you are an established clan... Too many servers run this map. I would suggest that you create something unique to the…
  • Not much to go on... Some details would be nice. 1) What kind of server? 2) What OS? 3) Is the process running? 4) Command-line or HAS ? 5) Port configuration?
  • Good explanation re: sandbags. Nothing else in the video I'd be concerned about.
  • {RG}Machine wrote: » this doesnt help at all it does tell u that ports are from 27000 - 27030 but how can u edit the port even as i told u i looked through all the config files inside the game and didnt find a single one on windows u always get …
  • baqrmaz5511 wrote: » so I have 24 slots server and I need some clan because I need more admin You need to clarify your statement... you have a clan and want people to join and help admin or you just need more admin's so clans will play on your …
  • Re joining a team or server, I noticed the following in the logfile... ={101st}=THROBACK1 wrote: » log is attached and no i didnt make any changing to my network from logfile wrote: 2019.06.09-14.27.31 [0051.75] Error: AAULoginResponse: 1, 200…