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  • Thank you Sir!
  • Another Symptom: When I login sometimes it sits for a couple minutes then fails. When I try again it immediately logs in, every time, after the initial failure. The Error is: Could not retrieve Soldier Data
  • Thanks for the input Gorilla. No I have not done that. What happens to my other games when I uninstall steam? I feel like it is some sort of port issue, but I have no idea where to start with that, as I know little about it, other than stuff I've re…
  • Can I get some Dev input here? I already tried verifying the game cache, and have even completely reinstalled it, Deleting all remnants first Thanks
  • Thanks, Heat, my internet isn't slow, it's quite fast(500mb service about 400 actual), also my pings are low. Thanks Herman, no Comodo, at least not lately, used it several years ago, but I'll have to check for remnants of it. I will try your techn…
  • I don't know what word I used to get a TOS violation, but my apologies
  • I understand that part of it. How many players quit the game because of hacking players? It takes at best 15 minutes to download the game, for many 45 minutes to an hour, through steam. During that time it would be difficult to set up the rest of yo…
  • Do the devs look at forum posts?
  • I've been playing this game, on average probably 4 hours a night or more since Ver 1.2. I have a ordinary office chair. Right now I have no issues. I had about a year where it was killing me. Maybe I've just destroyed it enough to get past the pain…