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  • its a mix of like UE4 and unity , its actually quite nice
  • Ephraim_cpp wrote: » What do y'all think about e-sports in Olympics? Good/bad idea? lol no doubt one day it will happen , then we know the world is ruined as millions of people watch their screen to watch others watching their screens!
  • SSKnecabo wrote: » You guys realize it's common to lift bans after x years in any (e-)sports? 1 year seems too short though, it's usually 2-3. Bans for cheats should never be lifted , and i find it odd that most complaints here were about cheat…
  • Im sure there were other comments here ?
  • =IK=Doba= wrote: » Csar.. not much to be said.. a nice rework of the original fan favorite map.. deserves to be official for over 3 yrs already I agree with this, im not sure why this map had to be entered in a contest with "The chance" to be…
  • lobo had this problem with one of his maps , people disappearing , im sure when he sees this your answer will come , if i remember it wasnt a hard fix
  • All these long "How to" fix it posts , heres an idea , DEVs please fix it its annoying as [TOS Violation]
  • Csar, raptus and Rus for me , i would of put hostile instead of Rus but for some reason that 5 story building seems really out of place and drags alot of the game play away from the rest of a good map , Good luck guys !
  • Thanks for helping the community with an awesome contest everyone involved
  • im confused is shifty releasing this map or you ?
  • played this yesterday , very cool map good old school
  • or go to document/mygames/aapg/aagame/unpublished/cookedpc/maps/misioneditor/saves/ find your map folder and delete the .metadata files , then republish , thats what works for me every time or i get a fail to
  • What muzza said. lol keebler , always making it harder then it need to be
  • i was thinking about purchasing csgo , is it any good i have a few doubts lol
  • i understand those points to , after thinking about it and the changes they did make to this rifle and ill be first to tell you i dont really use it much . I guess my real beef with it is realism (yes i know this is a computer game blah blah blah ) …
  • We all have an opinion and what you put there may be true . Im just saying a sniper rifle has no place on a map like inner hospital . its actually laughable that it is in the loadouts . And the fact you can shoot someone in the hand thats hanging …
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » -Flops- wrote: » nm my last post in other section i didnt see this one . So your saying the deadline was really 15th not 16 th , because 9am isnt very much of the 16th You still have plenty of time bud. The deadline y…
  • SSKnecabo wrote: » Keebler750 wrote: » Nothing wrong with speaking what you believe to be the truth. You don't have a problem with people having different opinions, do you? Quick lean ought to penalize accuracy by taking time to settle down. …
  • What lobo said
    in Mismatch Comment by -Flops- May 2016
  • Does this work on the server , i had set ups similar to this and they worked nicely in the editor , but once we got it on the server was back to the same old thing . Let me know if it works server wise and thanks for taking the time