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  • I'm just shooting in the dark here, but you could always open the other 2 windows on the left and right and put boxes there also, then people would have to say "Left bakery window!"..... and people wouldn't get picked off as easy getting on the box.…
  • Lmao, Ok so I was able to log in and get the game going on normal, I think I'll pass on this opt in beta.
    in AA Optin2 Comment by Cramebame May 2015
  • Ok, So I've found that I can click play offline and check the servers and get into the game, I just cant log in the log in screen disappears after about 5 secs
    in AA Optin2 Comment by Cramebame May 2015
  • Ok, So I got really frustrated with this problem and reformatted my computer, complete re-install of windows 8 (doing all my drivers and games now) and I just finished installing AAPG and I'm experiencing the same problem. I open AA and get to the l…
    in AA Optin2 Comment by Cramebame May 2015
  • Well unfortunately I now have the same issue with the normal game too, even thought it was working fine yesterday night before I went to bed. I went to Verify the integrity of the game and it was missing 5 files that it replaced, then opened it agai…
    in AA Optin2 Comment by Cramebame May 2015
  • Thanks for the help, I just tried this and it verified it, ran the punkbuster checks and did the same thing, Im going to try switching back to the normal game and opening it then if this works correctly I'll just re download and re install the optin
    in AA Optin2 Comment by Cramebame May 2015
  • Restarting my pc fixed this issue Lucky me
  • Ok, sorry I'm getting a different error now, It says Americas army requires steam to be running...... please restart Americas army and start steam. but I'm already running steam I guess I'll try restarting and see if that helps if not, I'll google t…
  • any fix on this, I found that I can log in if I click the shoot house but no servers will load, I can still play the shoot house tho.
  • -vR.r3vo wrote: » The Good: - The new gun sounds are nice. - Ambient sounds are pretty cool The Bad: - Can't hear footsteps. I've had enemies be 1-4 feet around me and I can't hear them at all. - Can't tell how far away the shooting is ha…