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  • Yes thx Lobo, looks very cool now, hope i learn this someday.
  • Yes i dont care eighter what template, just for a map with natural environment i used those 2, for urban the others, just because of the textures inside the landscape editor. I can make a map also from Advanced edi, i ment it was just easier taking …
  • I used almost for every map, the-- bdx small -- template, and the one flo long i think, the one with grass and white gravel ( it has some tall buildings around and green tarp around the ,,playground'' ) had all kind of problems that Muzza solved at …
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » I'm so jealous of you guys! I wish i was still making maps. Dont be lol, its more headache then fun, now when i learned some stuff, all kind of problems occure. No new map of mine thats not corrected or fixed by muzz…
  • I took a ~huge~ map from one of my older maps that was working fine, deleted everything even spawns, i rewrote all map infos, admin could not see it on server. I took the map again, compaired it with the original info, what failed by the new on…
  • Hi Keebler, i use to take a template map from basic editor, saving it, then reopen it in advanced.Then i was doing my thing, made som pretty good maps. After some time the templates were not working properly, u may ask muzza whats wrong with them. O…
  • thx guys, working on right now
  • Yes, u need to download 50 maps to play in a umm server, but only the first time will take that long, later they add 2-3 maps whitch u can download is minutes and have a variety of playgrounds. The other thing, almost every server has its maps the c…
  • For me, and many of you is a hobby , i spent hours and hours making maps couse i like it, getting help from people like Muzza and Lobo and others when i was stocked on something. The maps. Well, servers will decide (people) which map is good or bad …
  • Whiplash27 wrote: » I was thinking about messing around with one of the old maps I was making, but it seems that there's only one UMM server and I honestly have no idea how to even get in touch with the owners. Is anyone still making maps? I ma…
  • yes, all all clear now thx guys, vip is working !
  • U right, i tried multiple maps on VIP, it is starting like a soldier spawn, but i m pretty sure earlier i was starting with the VIP, and could extract him . In viewport it was starting like soldier but i could extract him, in editor window is starti…
  • no, just replacing , and adding meshes, but the original map is working fine, in editor i spawn the vip by the team spawn
  • Message came out, never had it before, map was saved succesfully 330mb, but u need to split it so it will be less then 300 etc, first time that i had this message.
    in fog on map Comment by SMUGGLER July 2018
  • its the fog plane in browser, not thick enough lol
    in fog on map Comment by SMUGGLER July 2018
  • can i copy paste it? or search for in browser
    in fog on map Comment by SMUGGLER July 2018
  • Silvy since when are you a map editor specialist lol?
  • The grenade launcher will change the tactics in the game, loved it in AA3.
  • I changed map name, template name so i managed to upload one of my unfinished maps (just to try if the trick works). Probably the problem is that i used the same template maps from basic, dunno.