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  • Anyone have some screenshots of the opt-in, like the launcher, some in-game UI elements and the F1,F2,TAB and match over screens? - I'm going on vacation tomorrow and thought I would be able to at least play it for a short time but.... I started …
  • [NoL]Blaise wrote: » This is not a PB issue, at least that is not the sole cause. Have you tested on a non-PB server?
    in freezing Comment by Sxerks May 2015
  • The tall narrow windows are not easy to jump through, almost need perfect alignment. The first doorway(upper) at Attackers spawn, gets players bunched up and stuck as they try to go through at the same time. And, as shown in BCPull's images, s…
  • Downtown - There was a terrain problem (BUG) that was introduced to the attacker sniper position. There is a pencil thin ledge on the South part of the sniper platform that keeps you at platform height as you go down the stairs. - For general b…
  • I know that at least 4 of the 5 people with higher XP actually ranked up, I was close, about 3/4 the way through level 5, but didn't have enough time or other players. There were a lot fewer players this time, other than it being Mothers Day, I t…
  • Weeeeeelllllll, that's the dumbest thing I've seen so far. I brought it up last opt in and no dev made a comment. Come to think of it, why is there even an option to turn it off in the first place?
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol wrote: » I think you gotta enable it on the 'MISC' options. I have it enabled, try it for yourself.
  • Well, text chat still DOES NOT WORK. And that same text window blocks the mouse from being able to select the upper 3 weapons on the loadout (F1) screen.
  • Hopefully text chat works in this one. And if you do a Steam backup of the game prior to downloading the opt-in, when it is over you can just restore the original and not have to re-download anything.
  • Some more evidence: - Played on DFW and some other non official servers and got the freezes. - But, on FNG01, no problems. - So, either FNG isn't running PB like it reports it is, or it has different PB settings then the other servers, or some…
    in freezing Comment by Sxerks April 2015
  • [ACMECorp.]Foxhound wrote: » I have had this happen once so far. If I am typing a message in chat when the round ends it locks up my chat box for the remainder of the game and I can't use it at all. You can actually get text chat to work? Ever…
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol wrote: » Is it for sure PB? I still get the stutter from time to time too and.. if it is PB, why is it only happening for some people and not everyone? In the beta it was tested on PB vs non-PB servers and it only occurred …
    in freezing Comment by Sxerks April 2015
  • Playing on JFK today I noticed it. The PB 1-2 second freeze was happening every 2-3 minutes. So it is still a problem.
    in freezing Comment by Sxerks April 2015
  • Is in-game text chat broken? - I typed team and global text chat, hit enter, and see nothing showing I sent a message. - I haven't seen anyone else typing a message, and have no idea if it is working.
  • I haven't noticed freezes in the opt-in beta, but I also don't know if PB is on because all the icons are blank in the game browser.
    in freezing Comment by Sxerks April 2015
  • Just got the opt-in install and played a couple maps. - The weapons volume is to high compared to everything else. It has to be set too high to even hear your own tactical footsteps and then you get hearing damage from the weapons fire. - I can…
  • If you are talking about a 1-2 second screen freeze every 6-7 minutes, that is probably PunkBuster.  You can test this by playing on  a non PB server.
    in freezing Comment by Sxerks April 2015