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  • That's why my entire server restarts @ 5am every day. Once windows starts up again it triggers steamcmd and re-validates the entire game and updates if needed. Once that is complete my aapg server starts back up. It would be cool if they had a simpl…
  • AAPG is running fine on my windows 10 machine at home, I'd even venture to say it runs better on Windows 10 then Windows 8.1 but not by much. If and or when AAPG takes advantage of DirectX12 that's when you will see major performance improvements mo…
    in Windows 10 Comment by #Mike July 2015
  • SSKnecabo wrote: » If you still think AAPG is not run and gun you are doing something wrong. It's more run and gun compared to AA 2.8.x but it isn't at the level of call of duty and battlefield just yet and with the addition of aim punch and or h…
    in Aim punch? Comment by #Mike July 2015
  • In AA 2.8.x there was aim punch and slowing when you were shot, I liked that it made sense. It made me focus more on my surroundings and placement. It encouraged team work as flanking while your teammate draws there attention became far more importa…
    in Aim punch? Comment by #Mike July 2015