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  • SSKnecabo wrote: » [CZBGR]Lytton wrote: » anyway, I really doubt I was mashing ALT+Z, since I rarely use tactical mode (for some reason, I really don't see a difference) Your enemies hear you way quieter than you hear yourself. I'm actuall…
  • -LSTS-sK.Troub!e wrote: » 2) If you press Alt+Z the HUD disappear, it's not a bug. Probably you used ALT (tactical mode) while pressing Z for supported. I actually literally just got back into the game last night after being on a long hiatus fr…
  • yes :# more kabewms there. I also find it more fun doing stunts (and sometimes failing) than it is when you've got boots on the ground. so much speed. I almost considered putting on an Ostregals flag instead of the U.S. one, but I wanted the 'Mu…
  • I darted to the nearest safe place (corner of the room), curled up in a fetal position, closed my eyes and tried to think happy thoughts with my ears cupped by my hands.
  • well, now there's a name I haven't seen a while.
  • fd.mulgarus- wrote: » Yes it is ONE community, but there are TWO different communities(groups) within that ONE community. There is public player group, and there is comp player group. They DO belong in the AA community, but they play totally diff…
  • fd.mulgarus- wrote: » You guys are building this game from the ideas from only ONE community, with throwing out the ideas, and thoughts of the other community. well, I thought the AA community was ONE community....
  • [strike]I just started up my computer, but don't see the opt in either. maybe it's because I'm also on the Steam Beta Client? so, I can't Beta with a Beta, even though this game has been in Beta all this time? it feels weird and recursive...[/str…