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  • Is blender a free program?
  • Looks Good, Maybe add 1 more minute to the clock if map is big?
  • I just received news that the map runs flawlessly on the DEAT server, and its up on Beerme. so thats good news. But some ppl still have problems with it. I can try Muzzas way and create all the outer walls as a big Prefab. there are no kismet…
  • The build before works. Its this last One causing problems. Ill Put the working One Up and Them try to fix the latest build or simply redoing it.
  • Ok ill Put the working One Up as Soon as as i get hpme
  • 2017 - 06-14 at 16:00 swedish time I updated the map. The map is now restored to how its supposed to be and very much playable. "Only thing missing is some sound and kismet work, but I have asked for some professional help with that." so stay tun…
  • Map is up and running on -=DEAT=- Dutch Elite Army Troops server Address: Port: 7778 Thanks for playing the map it was some awsome 7vs7 battle
  • Fixed a pylon problem and reticked the def spawn and assault and def command point. Republished today with low lighting
  • Thats Great news lobo. Before anyone start coming in with reports that they found this and that, just know that the map is not yet 100% game ready. You will find this and that on it, and the map will block you at some stairs. From my side this is…
  • Thank you, then I have hopes it will run in server too * For anyone wanting to try it on a server it can be a good ide to try it in training first so it can build the shaders because its a big map file.
  • 2017-06-06 Published it today copied all "the Museum"map assets created by me and posted it in a new map called "Museum" no external assets no hospital monitors with changing screensavers Need single player training test: Does it run for you…
  • Thank You Duke Audi ill have å look and fix it There is No collission by default just as unisol says. I added on the buildings on the ground floor and balconys but it Was Never ment to be accessable to players like in the beginning of the vide…
  • Could that video memory thing have something to do with the map save and clicking ok when asked to split map?
  • @Nero do you mind telling me your pc specs, I´m interested to know because of the 3 crashes you mentioned. I know the map is packed with stuff and almost 300mb but that many crashes isn´t fun. I wonders if it´s the shaders not being compiled as the…
  • thank you
  • The map should be updated and up on Steam. As I hit the 300Mb map size I got a pop up telling me to split up the map. How do I bypass this? Now I reduced the background assets to keep it under the limit. Is there a tutorial to split the map up or s…
  • Very nice map good job
  • I made a map call "small" some time ago, I got the idea from just that movie "hunney I shrunk the kids" with Rick Morranis or whatever that funny actor was named http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=776052671 It would be fun to…
  • @Duke ...Good job finding some buggs There are actually more then those This is an earlier save, actually the oldest save i had and I Went back to this because I knew it worked. ...The map I tried to publish before had been developed alot since…