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  • Kenninger wrote: » increasing fov is a form of cheating and not allowed on most servers. do not implement this change if it is not locked as he says. most public server will not allow this hi and thanks for answer.yee i know this are like cheat …
    in FOV changes Comment by H.E.A.T. June 4
  • =[A*A-E]=Vasili wrote: » good to all, I present my problem to see if you can help me solve it, it is as simple as not letting me enter any server, and probe UNINSTALLING, Verifying integrity of the files, reinstalling. and it does not solve me, w…
  • frankof wrote: » that map is known to have clipping issues on the PS4 version, so dont run around crying wolf, not everything you dont understand is caused by foul play. lol frankof crying like wolf lol but they should test it if that works if th…
  • L0rdDamian wrote: » He prob got revived behind the boxes, and it pushed him thru it.. In the game since, forever. are you littel behind??just wonder:)becouse that guy who are in box he saw him.)and i will say at you can hacks over ps4:(sad to he…
  • hi frankof its same when i do it nothing happing but i notice when i run back to my spawn then are that normal but every time when i go to the other team then that happing again i fell this a bug but thanks frankof for you answer.)
  • wow first time i saw it and report to the admin of server about this.) but maybe its a bug so test it again whit other player.)if that happings then you need to report this like a bug
  • thanks all but hes in the earth and yes 3 months its long time:( but soc dont care at this see in games all
    in my son Comment by H.E.A.T. May 9
  • hi now we have been to the funeral and our son is buried in the earth resting in peace our son:((((((
    in my son Comment by H.E.A.T. May 6
  • its not locked
    in FOV changes Comment by H.E.A.T. April 29
  • hi i can try to help you.i did have this errro to but i was in my HD sound and in ther you have equalizer.you need to maybe update your soundcard you will find your info at your pc whats your pc=your webb info and go ther and download that to your …
  • sry all i was only say one bed but is all bed in innre or maybe all bed in maps not only innre.)
    in bug or not Comment by H.E.A.T. April 26
  • hi =[O2K]=JonnyBlaze i like to see your screenshots if you have any
  • hi ther just wonder if you make this bug out??when i play its still ther??
    in bug or not Comment by H.E.A.T. April 25
  • hi my namn are lol let get this from he then .)
  • snokiii wrote: » Hi all thanks for answering. hi ther if you and your bro have same ip adress and he got vac ban then you all in same ip adress be banned from server. This should be kind of weird, because my own account doesnt have any bans …
  • =[O2K]=JonnyBlaze wrote: » Kinda [TOS Violation] the leaderboard works everytime up until the top score gets beat then it times out every time i think he using somesh..it if you all paus at 0:14 or 0:15 you will see at he hit the blue at firs…
  • snokiii wrote: » Hi it's, me, snokiii! I've probably killed you in a game or two.. .. and many seems to be having a problem with that, and are banning/kicking me from their servers because they think that I'm hacking. Unfortunately, my little b…
  • just update the game from steam.)
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » Keebler750 wrote: » First of all, when you are in warmup mode, you are not on the internet, you are on your local (client) computer. Second; if I understand, you are talking about a ping change of 4 points? It's normal …
  • will not happing this game are free is hard do get clay when jobb and allso i can say at if you will have clay go to other game lol.)