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  • doogle! wrote: » Terrible news Heat. I am so sorry for your loss. We're one big AA family, and I hope you have people that you can reach out to if you need to. If not, I'm available through PM here. Remember that there's no shame in asking for hel…
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  • Thanks all
  • no nothing at spam
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » H.E.A.T. wrote: » }{Gorilla}{ wrote: » Please send this into the bug report system. hi i did it but i never get mail back?? I don't think you will get a mail, but it will be put into the system. But I can be wrong.…
  • =[O2K]=.AussieJackal wrote: » I've just made a comeback to AA:PG after a long break and been playing for over a week now. How long does it take to Level up? I'm a SMA on Level 41 and it won't go up. I've been getting some good points and it hasn…
  • }{Gorilla}{ wrote: » Please send this into the bug report system. hi i did it but i never get mail back??
  • ChapterMaster wrote: » OH! I see... that was the first time getting banned I guess. I never seen that pop up before. Thought it may have been something with the game. But on another note, is there something like a website I can go to and look myse…
  • SiNsOfThEDeViL wrote: » No, I don't think it's a bug. Maybe it is I have no clue. It's probably something that the devs forgot to fix or it's been added for some reason. But no, I highly doubt it's a bug, I barely play on innerhospital anyways. i…
  • clan ban tag and yes was admin
  • yesterday police call me and tell me at that was your son becouse we did take dental ID from the dentist and that is 100% at that are your son:((((
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  • hi sir i dont know the ini yes i do but i never changes like other player but i dont find it wher you can changes like frag 5 sec or sniper load fast and fire i see that in game and i think you should go and test it self so you know what to do it.b…
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  • thanks Muzza455 but its goning.its very hard to know if this are true,the one say and the sec say and thats why my head gos round but we will see.the dna takes 3 or 4 weeks and yee i have cry 2 days now and take beers and yee i know at the fu alco …
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  • frankof wrote: » Its a server setting for stopping nades to be used within x seconds after round start, as a player you can change it to what ever you like, it wont do anything. Theres no ini changes that are flat out cheats, edit them all you …
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  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » I'm not into anti-cheat, but I think this is easily detectable and most likely bannable. Do NOT edit the game files. Some edits could be flat out cheats - for example changing the grenade fuse timer. Editing of any kind pro…
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  • yeee and allso the free cam .)and allso i saw at we cant see specter when they are in ther .)and the rank was fast to.i like the sound to but i did hear when you walk at ther steirs its same sound in aa??and why not same sound at guns??
  • maybe you mean at this?? https://www.1percenterclan.com/forum/m/38938800/viewthread/27591384-demorec-our-server-now-records-every-game
  • KEE usb or normal?? when i use my webcam i turn off the pic and use that like mic and i have headset whit out mic.) and i know at that are proplem sometime at mic but maybe its the server if you test white 2 player in side game you will be fine BUT…
  • i will go in ther again and rec and show you tge next vid brb in maybe 2 h
  • L0rdDamian wrote: » L.Lovett wrote: » Flatlander wrote: » What's so special about sma's? becouse they have play longer any us like 4500 H or 5000 H and thats why.) Wut?, I was already SMA after 900 hours. So don't know where you get 4500 h…
  • Hey.I.Have.A.Gun wrote: » H.E.A.T. wrote: » oh comeon all you know this at L.Lovett are me and i can say at this are good if you can do it becouse at the hacker and yes thanks Duke_Audi i mean it becouse they can get other or new account in her…