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  • Nice Delta! Had no idea the AA Entry/Home Screen could be live! It did take a while to load the first time using it...but now it's just as fast as the old screen, when starting the game. Will definitely check it out in the editor when I get time…
  • Some screenshots of what's kind of working so far, second PC is still basically doing nothing, although it shows as "working". Second PC Log: Main PC Swarm Status: Main PC Log:
  • Thanks for the responses guys! lobo I did a similar setup as you linked to to get this far....Will double check everything, and report back. Right now all the secondary PC does is "export the scene"...The gray bar:).
  • Had the same problem a few months back when I had the brilliant idea of trying an HDTV with the editor..same resolution too. Never could get it to work! It's like there's a low resolution limit for the editor.
  • First check to see if there are any extra files or folders in this location: "C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Unpublished\CookedPC\Maps\MissionEditor" The only things that should be in this folder are…
  • Maclobster wrote: » Thanks alot for your great support and time on this {NWO}Hawk Really happy its working now Hooah No problem Mac! [CLS]_SgtMac wrote: » Now we just need the squeaking valve sound instead of the beeping This could be …
  • Really the only thing to do is leave a comment on Steam, at the bottom the maps download page, for the original creator to update their map:)
  • This is the one I made from my AA2 assets, Anim included, probably the same as Altans but worth a try:
  • Well for me the regular editor seems to be "hit or miss"! I created a small bdx map, saved it, went to open it again, and no name, black screen. I then created a custom .meta file...the name showed up, but still showed a black screen. I opened th…
  • Well this seems to work for me: Copy another maps .meta file into your maps folder. Edit the fields like you did Max, but don't leave the "PublishedFileId=" blank, I used nine zeros. This is what mine looks like, and it opens just fine now: …
  • Max you may have another problem, if I remember correctly testing last night, I was able to open a map with the no name problem in the small editor just fine. I'll do some more digging tonight.
  • The map names that are showing blank....have no "meta" files. It looks as though the regular editor can't see a map unless it has a meta file. Did you try opening and then saving the map in the advanced editor, this should create a meta file for t…
  • Same problem on our server, fixed by changing the below setting to false: ; A flag indicating that the server should auto-update UGC maps bServerSteamUGCAutoUpdate=false Hosting a server from End of reality...and this is the only solution I fou…
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=- wrote: » man, if this map had the proper scaling, it would blow inner right out the water. Would take a while, but doable. Windows, doors, ledges could be scaled.
  • Replaced with the new VIP mode! Vip spawns with 66% health, a movement speed of .80, and is equipped with an M4 (ironsights), with one magazine! West/East Wing doors, will randomly open! Test version....need feedback on health, run speed e.…
  • Must have been easier for the Dev's to make separate executable's. I've seen other games with included editors, do the same:)
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  • You may have accidentally saved a stock asset. Try looking for a folder named "Assets", or "Packages", in this directory, if you find any, and they are not something that you have made delete those folders: "C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Game…
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  • Keebler750 wrote: » Are the links outlined above for the 32bit or 64bit editor? Why are you linking to the AAGame.exe instead of the AAGameEditor.exe? For 64ibt full editor, the path in shortcut should be something like: "E:\Steam\SteamApps\…
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  • If you use a direct shortcut to aagameeditor.exe, make sure to put this in the target field, under the properties of the shortcut: editor -cookededitor -nogadwarning It should look similar to this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\comm…
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