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  • When I try to connect manually to your server at nothing happens. That would indicate it's not running or the NAT is not working. It also does not respond to a network ping request.
  • I can confirm that punkbuster custom color codes DO NOT work in AAPG.
  • We can speculate on your issue all day but the first thing you'll need to provide is your client game logs for review. Log files are user profile specific and can be normally located here C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_LOGIN_NAME\Documents\My Games\Americ…
  • I'm going to do my best to explain why I think the Auto Login feature is giving some users issues. I am currently using Windows 10 Pro 64bit that was upgraded from Windows 7 Pro 64bit The version of the game on my system has been patched twice…
  • It's player questions like above that makes me wonder why AA3 is still available as a STEAM Download store.steampowered.com/app/13140/ This makes no sense at all.
  • The only thing I see in the update is the removal of the American Flag of the main menu screen.....Looks like a simple 4mb update file to me.
  • Pvt.Phushi wrote: » weakness_aa wrote: » Pvt.Phushi wrote: » Is it possible to redirect the output in console(thing you get by pressing ~ key) to a file? Need this for a small "Match Summary" program I am working on. Can you be more specifi…
  • Server guide is here steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=527515940
  • Pvt.Phushi wrote: » Is it possible to redirect the output in console(thing you get by pressing ~ key) to a file? Need this for a small "Match Summary" program I am working on. Can you be more specific as to the data your looking to collect? Th…
  • [EF]=JAY= wrote: » Amazing!! Works perfectly. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. Your welcome.
  • I can confirm this is possible. It requires an APP called AutoIt. It can be downloaded here https://autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/ You'll need to copy and past the script below into AutoIt's script editor and make the required chang…
  • [EF]=JAY= wrote: » Hello I have setup a server and am trying to monitor it's usage. I was wondering if there is a way to make the server itself or via punkbuster, send me an email everytime someone joins? Thanking you in advance Jay …
  • This thread should be resolved. Local LAN Server should work. Make sure firewall is not blocking the ports required or turn the firewall off on the server hosting the game.
  • I would suggest looking into windows task scheduler. You can create a task based on an event and send an email. I've not looked into it but I'd start there.
  • Copy and paste the command line at the bottom of the gui into notepad. Save the file onto your desktop as startserver.bat Make sure you use SAVE AS and use the FILE TYPE as ALL FILES and not TXT type.
  • In my testing of LAN Server mode, my server is displayed in the browser and I can connect to it through the game browser. This issue was indeed resolved in April. Once you figure out where your glitch is, keep in mind that since there is no authen…
  • I can confirm that the May 5th update fixed the "/USEPERSERVERPBCONFIG" setting option. If you take the contents of your pbsvuser.cfg file and place them into the pbsvgame_ip_address_port.cfg file, the pb config files load separately and work corre…
  • Does this update address any of the Host A Server GUI bugs recently reported like INI files being overwritten and the per server pb config?
  • ++Miri@daHIRoN++ wrote: » Hi, how I can give my server rules in text chat ? Forum Links below forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/4260/scrolling-server-messages#latest forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/3746/admin-messages#latest
  • I live east coast US. I get reliable game play from Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and servers in Virginia. West Coast Servers are terrible for me. I have friends in West Coast US that get reliable game play through Dallas and Chicago. The East Coast…