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  • got it working. deleted everything and started over with no issues on the tiggers. I do have door issues though. When a player hits the trigger the door opens and if they are in the way it stops and doesnt reset. then it's messed up the rest of t…
  • because the game is in 32bit and not 64bit, your RAM doesn't matter. No matter what, the game will not pull more than 4GB (I think that was the number). Running the game in 64bit has no issues because it will read all the RAM in your PC. However, 64…
  • When you log in on the main menu, go to solider. There you will see "EMOTES"...thats where you set each emote. Then you need to check your settings to see what keys the emotes are assigned too.
  • yeah I've already tried that, as mentioned in the first post. My issue is that I have a 2021 card so the earliest I can go is 2021.
  • so even with the update the newer card still doesnt work right. I crashed once lastnight playing games, but only once. Tonight I've crashed 6 times, turned off literally everything running it on the crappiest of settings and still constantly crashin…
  • Yeah only happens with my new 12gb 2021 GPU. The game works perfectly with my 2gb 2013 GPU.
  • yeah, but doesn't work for me. I've literally tried everything. I'm just going to hang it up until they fix the error...or just never play it again. I've wasted too much of my life trying to get the game to run. July2020 wrote: » This worked fo…
  • weakness_aa wrote: » Only other suggestion I would have is to set your Video Shader Quality to LOW instead of HIGH in the AAPG Video Settings. Most of the Unreal Engine Out of Memory errors refer to Shader issues. I’ve put all settings to low……
  • SL(R)_Wuast94 wrote: » have the same problem with an amd rx 6900 xt Well good news is, it’s not specific to just AMD GPU’s. However, I’ve talked with a bunch of people and it seems most have an ASUS motherboard. I’m going to look around in t…
  • no didnt work for me
  • I did go into my system and had windows check all my drivers to verify they were up-to-date. Then I opened the game and minimized it, then crtl-alt-del and set the priority for AA to High. That got me into the server and game time on 6 maps before i…
  • weakness_aa wrote: » Ever since the failed update I have not been able to load any map or connect to any of the servers until I perform the following. Launch Steam and login Launch the 64bit version of the game located -->> "C:\Progra…
  • m_hermann wrote: » try the radeon drivers from february Already tried that with no luck, forgot to add that to the list of crap I’ve done.
  • yeah that's what it ended up being. I found it out a few hours after posting this, but thanks!