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  • We have added the new M17 and SCAR-H challenges to the player stats page for both platforms:
  • The official site: https://www.americasarmy.com/soldier/Sixstringz80/psn or AAStats.com http://aastats.com/player_stats.php?platform=ps4&guid=Sixstringz80
  • I think maybe you have found a bug in the game with displaying Steam accounts, this player does have one: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198207991323
  • I have no clue what he was on about but if he is complaining about a clan isn't it against the forum rules?
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » Start playing the game. Dev's dont need a cheerleader. I wasn't cheerleading for Devs, but I get that you missed that.
  • If you order the Kindle version you can start reading right away.
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » Post your stats soldier. I'm curious. Nice deflection. And my comment was directly in response to your statement about the developers, it had nothing to do with game play. If it matters to you so much, my stats are prett…
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » Your parents took you to pride parades didnt they? Maybe you will want to read it twice.
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » The developers for this game are the worst I've seen in 20 years of playing this type of strategic shooter.
  • On windows it's a command line option, maybe there is a Linux equivalent: /SQP=27015
  • Copy of Discord post: Well it was a good idea while it lasted… Unfortunately going through the match data I discovered much to my extreme unhappiness that ShotsFiredxxx are not kept per match. And the only ShotsHit stat that is kept is ShotsHi…
  • Copy of Discord post: I dug a bit into the stats for this player and what we are reporting on the site matches the raw data we are getting from the stats engine: [name] => EnemyKilledM249 [value] => 116864 [name] => ShotsFiredM249…
  • I see the thread you are talking about. I am reasonably certain that those stats are exactly what we are pulling from the stats engine but I will verify it. I can also compile some numbers from just the matches that we have history for to compare…
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » The majority of the smart, good players are done with this game because you constantly get teamed up with noobs with no mics or effort to work as a unit. That's what clans are for…
  • -pR|Arkeiro wrote: » im 67, wicked 68, water 69, not sure about others Thanks! Switching back to the previous method all 3 of those accounts match now:
  • -pR|Arkeiro wrote: » That updated formula is wrong for pc for sure. Emania is 70 something Using the same formula for 41+ as for 21-40 he was coming up as a 75.
  • Kartigan wrote: » Levels 1-20: 600 * Lvl^2 For levels 21-40 it is: 1200 * (Lvl^2 + (Lvl-20)^2) Levels 41+ is 1,200,000+((Lvl-40)*75,000) Thanks for the update! I'll make the adjustments for 41+. Edit: The Level 21-40 formula doesn't match…
  • We have added Honor Level to the stats and I've spot checked a fair number of players against the table to make sure the formulas are working correctly. I will try to do some in-game sanity checking soon. This is the player with the highest XP/Ho…
  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » @[soldier]: This formula seems to be true for the 40+ levels: Dct.F|Levente wrote: » https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=527862627 At the end of the guide, we have this: XP formula for Levels 21-40: 6…
  • If someone can point me to a semi-official calculation of how Honor Level is derived from Experience Points, we will add it to AAStats.com. As far as stats being incorrect, we have a ticket in now with 5 known stats problems that we can develop r…