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  • doogle! wrote: » Just because it makes your green name angry and your feelings upset doesn't mean it's not feedback. Ah, my green name doesn't have feelings, but the guy behind it is pretty amused that some 'feedback artists' can't grapple wit…
  • The doogle wrote: It's not criticism, it's feedback. And there's the "you" language again.
  • You will need a military clearance to work in Redstone. Check the Army jobs portal for the Huntsville area. Such as:, AL&fbclid=IwAR3qqo1T6hgZsF5bIbakBnlVqNpVYEE_mxKMtZF0ww…
  • User Made Maps are there in the workshop to be used for playing on servers. Just don't modify or take the content as your own. The Steam workshop is a public distribution system. If the author didn't want you to use the maps, they would have shar…
  • This was always the stated issue; Complexity of implementation vs time and budget.
  • So you're saying.... you want eyes in the neck?
  • Oh, geez...Sorry! I thought you meant a server password to get on a server. No, you need to log in to AAPG first with your account password, THEN do as I suggest to join a passworded server. Don't think that's what you were looking for. My bad…
  • The army doesn't set out to make games. They set out to explore applications that leverage certain technologies to achieve certain goals. When the Naval Post Graduate School and the M.O.V.E.S. Institute first put America's Army on this community's r…
  • When was the last time it worked? What did you change right after that? What are your system specs? Do you get any error messages? Are you running with Admin privileges in Windows (what ver of Windows, btw?)
  • There are some problems with the server browser, IMO. I have the same issues with NO filters. To open a server that you know from the main menu in AAPG, bring up the console and type: "open" where xxx are t…
  • Nice work, Muzza!!
  • This game is in a "Mature Development Phase," awaiting AA5. Putting the old maps on an Official Server properly is not as easy as you think.
  • The biggest Heli Crash problem would be getting it to not crash into other meshes or geometry since that would be trickier to handle. Either way, you're asking a LOT of this little UE3 game. Again, I do think it's doable, but I doubt DeltaThunder is…
  • Also, Damage Type: Isn't there a choke or other damage type that makes a player unrevivable? If not, a normal death and some kismet shenanigans might work (like setting a player state in the code, or something?)
  • Matinee is very powerful for cinematics. If some logic can be created to check ground intersection height, you have: 1) A flying helicopter; 2) A crashing helicopter animation that plays from the HeliTakeDamage point; 3) A big fireball near…
  • I'd: 1) Kill the player at the time the heli is shot as opposed to when it hits the ground 2) Make it an unrevivable death so there's no body 3) Prepare a Flying matinee and a Crashing matinee and toggle them 4) Use the coordinates of th…
  • I used static meshes as InterpActors to Matinee around the map. Don't know if you can conditionally drop them out of the sky on TakeDamage (so, a state change), but the reason I used them is because they retain collision.
  • Delton posted contact info for their website. You need to use that to discuss private server issues, not here in the AAPG forum.
  • Post AAClient.log from C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Logs from immediately after the issue. (Note - it gets re-written so don't try to restart the game after it exhibits the bug behavior.)