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  • -=MvC=-Gorilla wrote: » Noted. We will have a look at as soon as possible. Thank you !!
  • achievement is not reflected in steam bUG Achievements:OverlordOfOverload Win a match on Overload. I have had this problem for a long time! Send claims to both parties, steam and to game support, and nothing
  • HOOHAA SPANISH - Portuguese -SPEAKERS, CHILE-BRAZIL-PERU-ARGENTINA-MEXICO-BOLIVIA-VENEZUELA, please register clans. With permission of the administrator, write in Spanish> Please register to compete in TWL, attach the link. !! https://tea…
  • To me also happens to me with the achievements, training achievements are not updated, and that happens all, and the achievement OverlordOfOverload Win a match on Overload is not transferred to steam. send claims to americasarmy.com with no resp…
  • TheTots wrote: » We have recently gotten a forcelass option working internally and I'm doing the work to get it working for normal server admins as well. Hopefully we get that out in the next update. This is great news! HOOOHA
  • Thanks for the update !! especially the old maps! could add more .. !! Regarding SandStorm it is necessary to lower the sound to the wind, the old version passed the same problem that nothing was heard and was unlocked, attached video. [url=" …
  • Drawn wrote: » I don't have it either, not that I notice if 3 or more people are shooting me while i am flashed. Levente that was been changed around a year ago. Picture Steam achievements % players who attained it. Just as rare as killing 10…
  • thanks friend ! Did you achieve the achievement? I have tried countless times, but without results ... will be a bug ??
  • I think the same, I prefer pbbans. The others believe themselves gods ... Thank you all !!
  • Yes, the truth is I'm old school, I started playing army in 2003, in those days there was real anti-cheat security. If I have online review or straming, I actually uploaded pbbans lol, but I wanted to put it on my sack a bit. The pity that there is…