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  • Yeah, the logs haven't been super useful and the Windows Diagnostic Report Viewer also keeps crashing, seperate software issue I think, so I can't even see what errors that's showing fpr AAPG.exe I'm on an early R5 1600 with 16GB, 3000MHz Corsair…
  • Done a memcheck through windows, no errors. 2 more crashes tonight. Most recent logs...
  • I've had TM open to look for spikes.... nothing there. Same with all the other monitoring tools I can get hold of. Everythings works perfectly, then it doesn't. All through Beta and since release I've never had any issues until this. Super weir…
  • oof... logs
  • also maybe worth pointing out that after a crash, my Server Browser settings are reset. So 'Official Servers Only' is back to [Any].
  • ahem more logs.... Thought I'd fixed it. I added a HDD RAID0 some time ago with my steam games on. I moved AA back to my SSD and got through several hours of play without an issue. Then this morning 2 rounds in another crash. So, more logs.
  • Nother crash, nother logs...
  • logs attached
  • Ok, so wasn't fixed... I haven't palyed in a while and getting back in , full fresh re-install, no UMMs, nothing extra at all... and it locks up, stutters, then crashes to restart. I've also upgraded to a 5700XT in that time, full drivers c…
  • OK... Possibly fixed, got through an entire match! Was subscribed to a few UMMs through the BeerMe workshop... having unsubscribed from them it all appears to work properly.
  • SO, a fresh install of the game has had no positive effect. Still crashing to PC restart via a freeze.
  • Temps on CPU & GPU are fine and neither are anywhere near full load. It's only happening on AAPG. I've got DCS World, Escape from Tarkov, Arma3 and a couple other highly demanding titles with no issues at all. I'm going for a full delete/re…
  • OK, so up to date GeForce driver, and still getting the same crash to restart at random points in-game.
  • I haven't updated the GPU driver for a couple months. Downloading now.