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  • I dunno how to display FPS on my PS4, but homestead is EXTREMELY laggy in certain spots. Which is completely unacceptable, considering the hardware doesn't change.
  • ={101st}=Muzza455 wrote: » just wondering ....... how many maps do ps4 players have currently . i only play pc and we have 1000 s to choose from in umms( user made maps from the mission editor ) Not many. Off the top of my head: inner hosp …
  • Gorilla, a lot of what you said is true. In my opinion, one of the biggest issues with AAPG is the speed in which updates are released. I've said it before...there was a podcast in which a Dev bragged about having the leniency to release an update, …
    in Dead game Comment by doogle! March 8
  • Keebler750 wrote: » Don't be ridiculous Doogle. Do you honestly think I like all the decisions that have been made? I notice you never comment when I bother to lay out my own critique of the game, but just love to get your digs in. Bravo, I say…
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  • Was finally able to sneak away from the wife and watch it. Close match, glad to see EU Comp still kickin. GJ to the wieners, runTD Lockdown, yuck!
  • Keebler750 wrote: » They were all changes that were made in the name of realism because the uber realism junkies started complaining It should have occurred to you by now that this is what the studio was trying to do with the game FOR THEIR …
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  • Coop was kinda garbage. I tend to think that once that big wave of SF maps came out, water treatment etc, that's when the game started really getting kinda saturated with useless updates. 2.3, maybe 2.5 was the beez-neez. 2.8.5 was just too much
    in Dead game Comment by doogle! March 6
  • Didnt save your broadcast man? We cant go back and watch it
  • Basically I only need to look at Reunited's roster because I don't know who's playing where. But I take iG over NaC. iG was one of the very few clans that was always down to scrim during my time in EU. When you take high level players, add chemis…
  • That means I gotta sign up. Pffsh
  • I can't see their rosters on the AALeague site. Do you happen to have those?
  • Cheers brother. Hope you're doing okay
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  • jgvn11 wrote: » What I've noticed is if you keep backing out of the match making search, and try again it will find one faster. I've also noticed that, but if players don't know that then they are potentially assuming the game is dead. I'm n…
  • Wolverine's CSAR would be a great addition to the very boring PS4 map rotation...
  • JohnRambo89 wrote: » doogle! wrote: » Who are you people? Is this an Oceanic league? European league I know :P They didn't take the bait. I played with those dudes for 2 years, kickin around in the comp scene. Which, I'll agree with Fr…
  • Who are you people? Is this an Oceanic league?
  • Terrible news Heat. I am so sorry for your loss. We're one big AA family, and I hope you have people that you can reach out to if you need to. If not, I'm available through PM here. Remember that there's no shame in asking for help, whether that's i…
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  • I saw a Battlegrounds video for the first time today. Has that always been there?
  • .!.dgodfather wrote: » That's a dig at the forum community you could have shared privately keebler... He doesn't care. Check his comment history. I had a dream AA5 was released this July. And it was huge for the console.