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  • Tried to use a very short path without spaces to see if that makes any differences - but still the same. Noticed something else - if I save after the import, I'm getting a message saying: "Couldn't save packages. Check log windows for further de…
  • I tried to compare the information in the UMAP-file itself (of both maps - working and non working) As you can see in the file below, it looks like that parts of the file name has been replaced with "special" characters. If you open the map go…
  • Doing the same on the "real" map - doesn't work. The "real" map is also based on the same default map as the one I tested with. So what is the difference???? Does it just work if the map is nearly empty??? Any help is more than welcome.
  • I did some more tests today on a fresh standard map. I was able to import the files - and to activate them in kismet. Saved the map - closed the editor and re-opened the map. Sound was still working. ????????? The only difference was (I assume)…
  • Ok - will try out and let you know
  • Thank you for your feedback. No it is just the import - without placing anything already on the map. Are you able to reproduce it - so just adding sound (SoundNodeWave and SoundCue) and save - and close it - re-open it and see if it still avai…
  • Ups - forgot to provide an update. The issues has been fixed. Reasons has been to mission information (see picture). After changing all was fine ;-))) THX for your support
  • History is also not showing my own server - but all the other ones I played already.
  • Hi (Beer_me)lobo - looks like I have the same issue. What do you mean by "you need to do 1 map rotation for umm to show in admin panel"? Thank you in advancwe
  • Hi - quick update. I followed the following guide and it looks like more than half f the way is done. ( My config file looks as below - so two custom maps has been added. Als…
  • Sorry - I'm not yet that familiar with the AAPG map hosting. The new map (yours) is missing in the following table: The file for your map are already available on the server: What is it I need to do that the custom maps will be also visible i…
  • Hi - I added to IDs - and after a restart of the server, the maps has been downloaded in the mentioned folder. BUT - I still can't see the two new maps in the list of all available maps. So still just the defaults are in. Looks like I need to do s…
  • Thank you - will try out tomorrow ;-)
  • Hi - I have downloaded the map from steam - and I'm able to play it myself. What do I need to do to play it from my server - so with others ;-) Thank you in advance
  • Hi - quick question. I'm new here - and just started to develop on a new map/mission. Currently it is just me who can test/play the new map in the editor. How to place the map on my server to share with others? Any help is more than welcom…