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  • I'd really like to get in on the dev part of this! I could possibly take an internship if possible? I'm going to school getting my Batchelor's in Game Design at Full Sail University, and I graduate December 2020! Could I PLEASE get a reply to my com…
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI- wrote: » Your not the only one still enjoying this game i know at lease 49 other players enjoying it Okay, I'll have to check it out! Thanks!
  • Looking forward to it!
  • ITSKINGZERO wrote: » You guys shouldn't release this game on ps4 unfinished people don't like Man, I really have seen a lot of complaints from you. The game is not unfinished for PS4. As far as people not liking it, every player I've met and sp…
  • Well, as in actual circumstances, if you friendly fire upon your platoon, or any friendly for that matter, you're going to get NJP'd and thrown in the brig. AA:PG is a MILSIM, meaning it's created purpose is to simulate military concepts; Including …
  • Any news on an update for PS4? I've heard rumors of maps being added. If so, I'd like to get in on early access if possible?
  • Applied for Armed Forces Affiliation, seeing as I am one. 18X Special Forces E-6 the time I got my DD-214. I'm on PS4, and have seen the emblems. I helped you sleep at night. I'm entitled to my service tag.
  • baqrmaz5511 wrote: » so I have 24 slots server and I need some clan because I need more admin PC orrrrr?