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  • I saw a dude shoot through the dark room wall with a sniper rifle to a person standing on the other side, that was real crazy. Apparently after I asked him nicely how he knew and if he was playing dirty, he said he can hear the person run there and …
  • Flashes are very random I think, I can never tell if my flash has had any effect on the person it was aimed for. Alternately if I get flashed 99% of the time I can't see a thing Sometimes they have a hand over their face as though they are flash…
  • What is your server name?
  • OBS for sure, it's what your looking for
  • -VI-Flatlander wrote: » K!Dz.applePIE wrote: » The problem with VAC Ban is that it does not show for what you got it. Thats the point.... So why not allow him to play AAPG!? Until he really does something wrong in our game. You punish pe…
  • When you know the first 10-20 seconds of the map loading screen videos word by word.
  • I will look into it, I noticed you always use iron sights too? is their advantage to using them?
  • Once upon a time if a player was good, he would be asked to join the clan of the server he was playing in. Now they just called out, background checked if lucky and/or banned. Badmins, I think that’s what they call them. It's not all bad, there a…
  • Sorry but nah, I hate that gun. Kicks like a mofo after firing and you gotta be too quick to reacquire unless you got the headshot in first. I no likey, unless I'm low on ammo and it happens to be on the floor. Other than that its good for Coldfront…
  • -colts.iog- wrote: » SoldierBob wrote: » You keyboard warriors should spend more time playing the game and following through on your ego's than wasting it here on words. Ever heard of sticks and stones? Killa was right, drama did (or has) ens…
  • I think some players have played so much game for so long, they finding it all easy by default. Someone even said shotgun is OP and they probably right with their tried and tested aims and using it CQB, it is the weapons purpose in the game, if they…
  • New teams maybe don't want to get rolled repeatedly by teams who have played for a long time lol
  • =IK=Doba= wrote: » Noobsyndrome's unfortunately very contagious in this game Everyone who posts here should get on the same server and dance. Then we can all be in the next one
  • You could delete them one by one until you find the culprit crashing your game, then just don't install that map Depending how many you have, hopefully you get the one that crashes early on in the experiment.
  • I quite enjoy it, its free and its not some indie dev, early access, crud, it actually plays very well Maybe its just not to your taste
  • .!.dgodfather wrote: » They had a dream to release it around this time. Then the audio engine was implemented. Dream dead. At this point, I'm kind of looking forward to the onslaught of backlash when this game is released. Always the optimist h…
  • I don't think you need tactics and teamwork when your a one man, server wrecking, rage quit inducing, Fragrate machine I want to play like him but I suck. I blame it on the shotgun.
  • I enjoy 3rdID server from time to time. 312 and K!Dz too.. they are all good people who enjoy playing the game However sometimes I think they don't enjoy me
  • isn't it pb_playerlist?
  • But, does he want any drama? do you think he incites the drama by posting up a video of people getting killed on a first person shooter? some of which happen to post on the forums? LOL thick skins needed Devs, forget the release of the game, we n…