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  • Unfortunately that is not true. I believe this theory is spawning from a bug that we currently have, which shows a thumbnail for a PC map that has not been (and is not planned to be) ported to PS4. Only Reaction is planned. But we hope you love it.
  • Hey, my apologies fellas. This ducked under my radar. We are currently working on this actually... Just the other day, our beta team ran pistols only on Reaction, and it was ridiculously fun. Look for it soon!
  • I can assure you, the map is not fake. It definitely exists in space and time, and therefore, according to modern sciences and technologies, it is not a theory, but can be proven to be a real and tangible existence in our very digital world. The map…
    in New Maps Comment by V_NillaJ March 8
  • Montana, the fact that I knew that you posted this, just by looking at the title alone... I'm to the point where unless I see a change from your regular posting theme, I will no longer respond to your posts. If you are requesting information, that's…
    in Fix This!!! Comment by V_NillaJ March 4
  • Thanks, @Rogueagent01 ! I had heard a rumor about this, but I was never able to personally reproduce it. Again, thanks for the report!
  • It's a bit of a tough go when you create a post of an opinion, ask "who agrees," and then disapprove of all who disagree. I play on PS4, and I disagree. There are players of a wide skill spectrum as well as age spectrum that have to be considered. N…
  • Hey Keeb! Hop onto google, and just search "Army Game Studio jobs." That should gather all the active postings from across multiple sites.
  • Hey there H.E.A.T. We got your bug, thanks for reporting it!
  • ={101st}=Stridefar wrote: » Hi, Are there any plans to add challenges to the new weapons? Such as the M17, Scar, etc. If not how will we be able to use different scopes, skins on these weapons? Any timelines to watch for? Thanks. I reall…
  • This is the fix that allows players to skip videos at the beginning of matches on PS4. GG @Kartigan !
  • https://forum.americasarmy.com/discussion/7984/urgent-fury-loading-video-cannot-skip#latest
  • @doogle! we have a fix for this; we are working through the approval channels as we speak!
  • Thanks @Keebler750 !
  • @XRODX_xTed_Bundy thanks for the feedback. We are aware of the issue, and are working on this fix, as well as other party and private lobby improvements.
  • Hey guys! Gears are moving on this. No definite timeline, but we're getting close.
  • LWOF_BrOkenArrow wrote: » aaHollywood wrote: » LIL-GHOST wrote: » aaHollywood wrote: » LIL-GHOST wrote: » Yeah np. Couple of us have been trying to recreate the glitches we have come across especially ones that we actively see other player…
    in Bugs. Comment by V_NillaJ January 15
  • LIL-GHOST wrote: » How does one go about reporting a bug on PS4. I have just been trying to record the glitches that I experience. This is a new glitch on CrossFire thats kind of a big one because anyone and everyone can do it without even tr…
    in Bugs. Comment by V_NillaJ January 14