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  • Dct.F|Levente wrote: » [!ReDRuM!]L0rdDamian wrote: » Lewisgh wrote: » Yeah, I'm looking at the right platform. I don't play it on the PC. It's showing -40,000 points, and on the PS4, I'm not seeing my yellow bar thats suppose to add up the poi…
  • -=[DISF]=-Max wrote: » please Devs, fix this problem Please submit a support ticket so that we can start getting details of the issue https://www.americasarmy.com/support/game-technical
  • @Soldier_17 we have seen players upgrade to Windows 10 and resolve this issue.
  • =[O2K]=.Trumilka wrote: » I have uninstalled steam and the game to redownload it again. Reinstalled punkbuster. Verifyed files and this message is still showing up... HELP We are investigating this issue. Are you on PS4 or PC?
  • The current implementation of ForceWeapon and ForceClass would not have the capability to support the removal of a single weapon/class, and keep all others. Unfortunately, this would not be an easily accomplished task.
  • These challenges are being worked and prepped for the next patch
  • -[U|S|A]-Gorilla wrote: » Hi guys, if you are having an issue with this then please reply back to your email with AGS support and they will get it fixed up asap. https://www.americasarmy.com/support/general
    in AFA Requests Comment by V_Nilla May 2020
  • -=[M]=-SeventhSeal wrote: » 1. Will the M203 be brought back into the game? 2. Is there any new maps being developed? 3. In the official AAPG servers, there is a lot of questionable game play by people that have bans in ACI and such. What can be…
  • [!ReDRuM!]Damian wrote: » doogle! wrote: » /APU|ImmortalityBH wrote: » doogle! wrote: » Unacceptable radio silence https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1018319371828284918/5AABBCDF29361569E3490E0821AD452CE46D80F5/ they posted this o…
  • For PC, even though they show as locked you can still select them. However, this is not the case for PS4. As I said, it is getting worked as we speak. :]
  • We are working the fix for this now. It will be in the next patch!
  • We are actively working on a patch to get around this.
  • Correct, jgvn11. Once everything came back online, the servers updated with the correct data.
  • Hey, ~she^s.a.shooter~! Be sure to post your invitation to the Facebook Group as well! There are almost 2,500 members there, so I'm sure you could find some more with similar interests. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmericasArmy4/members/ …