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  • Guys, I appreciate the responses. Since I lasted posted I've determined the source of the problem: GPU. It might be failing but I'm hoping I just have a driver issue. I'm going to look into it further but i'm pretty sure that my GPU was causing t…
  • No I have not. Can you recommend a good one(s)? I'm running Win 7, with an SSD, AMD graphics card and 8 GB of RAM. Windows is fully updated, as well as steam. Thanks
  • Yeah, I am starting to think it is more hardware-related seeing as I've had a couple other issues outside of AA (i.e. crashes). But my best piece of evidence is that one day it was running along perfectly fine, and then I got a notification during …
  • Andddd now it works again, [mod edit]
  • so just as I thought, this magically "fixed itself" about a month ago. literally no changes to software or hardware, it just started running smoothly again a cool 60 fps in game. no idea why. and just last night I was playing fine too. now today, i…
  • Saccho wrote: » VOIP audio uses the Windows default *communication* device, which may be different than your normal default audio device. That's usually how players end up with VOIP and game audio from different sources. I'm having this exact p…
  • I am not subscribed to any maps, thank you though
  • both v-sync and dual render scope are off. I'm getting 11 fps in main menu before even joining a server
  • I don't think it's hardware either. It has to do with what resources AA is using to run. And I don't have onboard graphics, so it's definitely on my AMD. I also tried deleting all local content and reinstalling, to no avail. I'm nearly certain t…
  • UPDATE: checking the cache's integrity seemed to work at first. Main menu was running a lot more smoothly, was getting about 20 fps instead of 10. Once I got in game though, the lag came back (server ping was like 85). It wasn't horrible, but it …
  • Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it. I'm running off of a laptop (HP Envy 17) but I never used to have problems. I didn't track FPS because it ran smooth-enough, but I probably used to get around 30-40. When this problem first arose…
  • really no one has ANY advice to offer? this is killing me. I used to be able to play just fine. I downloaded the latest AMD driver as of Jan 2016. As soon as I launch the game, once I get in the main menu I have absurd lag. ANY HELP PLEASE
  • i'm running windows 7, 8 GB ram, i7 processor, and radeon hd 7850M graphics card. never had problems before. in the main game menu i'm seeing like 10 fps with horrible mouse lag. it never used to be like this maybe can someone direct me how to …
  • how do you check this?
  • I don't know, I don't think that stats are saved when my computer crashes (which I need to fix!)
  • Ahh that's too bad. Ok thank you!
  • Gotcha, thank you!