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  • PS4 is doesn't have different settings from server to server. What I have noticed is if there is FF closer to the beginning of the start time, it is almost always an auto kick. Not sure past that though.
  • Just mute them.
  • They are currently working on AA5 right now
  • It is also run by the US government lol
  • SeVn.ras7 wrote: » Nah they added other stuff that they didn't put there, like the new admin commands, don't make me look dumb while making yourself smart. Wow, or you could say, "thank you, but not what I was looking for. " I copy and paste…
  • SeVn.ras7 wrote: » Can't you guys write in the patch notes all the stuff that you added / changed to the game? Seems like we have to discover new stuff by ourselves. Plus when are we getting a real update? I mean new guns, maps, bug fixes of some…
  • -=SoCal65=- wrote: » Challenges for Scar and M17 not showing up, and Champion skin is locked. (I'm SMA) Same.
  • LWOF_BrOkenArrow wrote: » ={101st}=Whiplash27 wrote: » Avguste wrote: » I am not saying to remake AA2, however I would love for the AA to be more realistic, slow paced. Something ala AA2, or something like SQUAD And for those that think slo…
  • What's up with you just complaining about the game every week? Do you want an update to prevent grenades to be thrown in the first 30 seconds, just to satisfy you?
  • ITSKINGZERO wrote: » Before the lean it was add it was only strafe and was great and fun but now it was strafe lean that pissed me off that make me want to quit Learn to adapt and overcome. AA has always had lean on PC. The game is better with …
  • The should get an email after submitting for the AFA tag. If not, then put in a general support request for it.
  • Looking to join a clan? Or do a scrim against another?
  • If you want to talk about stats, we can. But attacking someone for that when you have minimal stats is childish. If you want to play with a group that talks, etc, you can add me in ps4 if you want. We play in tournaments also.
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » [soldier] wrote: » HOLODENIAL wrote: » The majority of the smart, good players are done with this game because you constantly get teamed up with noobs with no mics or effort to work as a unit. That's what clans are for… …
  • Most times I've had it happen or seen it, is when you try to shoot to quickly after sprinting or jumping. Kind of like it overlaps. But also, most if the time it isn't an issue.
  • HOLODENIAL wrote: » The game is dyeing due to lack of quality servers and competitive play. So much could be done to improve the game but these developers have never cared. The majority of the smart, good players are done with this game because …
  • ITSKINGZERO wrote: » [ENG]Uni-Sol wrote: » Unfinished?.. what? do you even know how old this game is? it was finished a long time ago. Yes it gets the occasional update to add new content (maps and weapons) and fixes for game-breakers/bugs. As I…
  • oDD-SHoT wrote: » Just give me a reason to use the m16 please If you know how the burst works and have good aim, the m16 is awesome.
  • ITSKINGZERO wrote: » I'm ready pack up and leave this game not touch this game until you guys finally decide to nerf scar h if not well you hnow story ain't coming back to play [TOS Violation] Learn to counter and adapt to playing with the scar…
  • Crushmaster wrote: » AA5 beta is coming out this year, right? No other FPS games do it for me. Nope.