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  • Pete9577
    It says that my AFA has been completed, but I have not recieved anything. Should I get a notification e-mail or something letting me know? Just wondering if you had any idea, thanks.
    April 2018
  • Yegger
    I wanna change my name but I can't cause it says i'm logged in with single sign on ?? Can I get some help pls ;)
    July 2017
  • -=B)LADE|=-
    I posted a new question in the support thread. Maybe you have some insight for me?
    March 2017
  • [FILO]_King-Leo
    Just wanted to say Hi Bear. It has been a while. I'm retired now and just started back playing AA4
    August 2016
  • SG1][Teal'c
    Hello Bear
    I hope you're fine so I write you.
    I got a Glitch to report and I don't want so other people are going to abuse it until it's fixed. I'm afraid off if I post that in the forum :/

    On InnerHospital at the Lobby Desk I saw a guy looking through the desk between the left corner and the chair (the side towards choke). I tried and tried and tried it to be sure it was not a laggy spec or something. And it works, I could do it 2 times (out of 100 times or that, I really tried it a long time). But since I couldn't play anything a couple of months now (damaged pc, needed new hardware) I could just restart gaming, and I never glitched in the beta so I really got no xp with that. But I managed to do it I think someone who knows how to maybe can do that much more frequently?

    Kind regards, and ask anything ofc :)
    March 2016
    • [ENG]Uni-Sol
      Posting on someones activity feed is publicly viewable Teal'c, it's best to report them by PM or use the bug report system.
  • K!Dz.applePIE
    Bear its nice and dandy you warn both of us, but I don't see colts getting any ban on the forums even though he constantly insuls other ppl who do not share his opinion or have less KDR then him. A quick search would reveal more than enough examples. So I am fed with this, and also with the fact that nothing is happening to him.

    He calls me mother [TOS Violation] on PM and moron on forums yet does not get banned or once for like 12hours. But I got banned for over 48 hours using wtf as an expression and not as an insult.

    And yes people get offended for being called EU trash or delusional or noobs etc etc.

    How do you expect me to respond to this, because when I flag his posts nothing happened so far?

    December 2015
  • Bear_82 changed their profile picture.
    April 2015