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  • manny357
    Hi Tots. You may remember my post from a few days ago regarding the message I was receiving from Punkbuster kicking me for Violation MultiHack #71529 message. I used the EvenBalance link that you sent me and raised a ticket. Thank you for posting it. EvenBalance support are working through the issues with me. I now no longer receive the Violation MultiHack #71529 message when accessing AA PB enabled server, however I now receive a new message, Punk buster Kicked player manny357 [for 0 minutes] Restriction : Service Communications. I run Windows 10, and I think there was an update applied last week and I think my problems started then. Not sure if you have come across this. I will let you know what the resolution is when found.
    May 2018
  • Pete9577
    It says that my AFA has been completed, but I have not recieved anything. Should I get a notification e-mail or something letting me know?
    April 2018
  • AnotherCow
    Trying to join the ScV clan but website seems to be down. Help please
    April 2018
  • Bucki
    I mean its pretty sad when i can play the game every official server i join someone knows my name and votekicks me for "cheating" its to the point now were i cant even play 2 rounds
    March 2018
  • TheGame
    I can provide PS4 names of the people involved.
    February 2018
  • TheTots changed their profile picture.
    January 2018
  • Pika^
    hey theTots. whats going on with the EU Ps4 game ? waiting from the summer....
    January 2018
    Yo tots, could i get a couple minutes of your time to take a look at my ticket? #018777

    January 2018
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    January 2018
  • unitedstatesinf
    When are we getting new maps
    For ps4
    December 2017
  • =[101st]=Muzza455
  • RobinSage
    hi, i need some help setting up my server and you appear to be online
    October 2017
  • RobinSage
    I sent a server registration ticket out and am still waiting to recieve a confirmation email. Please look into this
    October 2017
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx
    Probably the wrong format, but how does an object with no collision had a collision with a radius of zero?
    September 2017
  • -pR|speT.
    Hello mate,

    We are relaunching TWL League Series, with a new Season 3.

    Do you think it's possible for you to advirtise it in AAPG facebook and so on?


    September 2017
  • LoganJackman
    I'm not accusing anybody, i'm admiring his skills. What is wrong with you?
    August 2017
  • Acesfll
    Whats the deal with the servers?
    August 2017
  • EvilWheels
    it isn't a 3rd party issue ... ACI is a big part of AAPG & other members should know what to expect when dealing with them ... But ok its your call ... but ppl won't like it ...

    Have a great day
    May 2017
  • -dT.Tetrad.OoOo
    hey so i have this guy who has been ban the other day for so call hacking here a video of the part that he was being called a hacker by me when he wasnt hacking .he tried proving it to u many time in the past and u keep denying him. watch video and all his other videos hes not a hacker
    May 2017
    • -dT.Tetrad.OoOo
      this is his steam
  • mooppy31
    Tots can you help me out
    May 2017
  • mooppy31
    Tots Im trying to do my Armed forces Affiliation to my account but the website is messing up because i hit the wrong thing can i call somebody for support?
    May 2017
  • //AZEMI-
    February 2017
    A few nights ago we had a full server it got DDoS.
    The IP address: is currently under a DDoS attack and has been null routed. The null route will automatically be removed in 60 minutes.

    As you must know we ended up with a empty server also we have had the hacker that posted sorry destroying our server and others.
    The game is quiet enough without these hackers trying to kill it.
    So hopefully you can understand my frustration when hackers put in a post asking why they was banned when they clearly know the reason and then when SSKnecabo always defends them because he has hackers in his clan it is very annoying.
    I will try to hold back in the future with my post on this forum and just vent in my own forum in public section.
    December 2016
  • TheTots changed their profile picture.
    January 2017
  • TheTots changed their profile picture.
    January 2017
  • TW201610021219
    October 2016
  • -VI-eNkk.
    Just delete that post, it's now a pointless thread without the names, I created it to warn players about those people..
    August 2016
  • ~Gorilla~
    Hey Tots
    August 2016
  • xTaach
    I sent you a private message
    July 2016
  • -{XL}-It''sCrosser!
    Hi The Tots, I sent you a private message.
    June 2016