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  • =[TGF]=bruut112
    I hope for your clan and all the other players that that guy change his way of acting as a ADMIN,
    on every server i heard much complains about him and so they complain about you all as TGA clan what is not true i told them.
    Say hi to al the rest of your clan an maybe till next time .
    grtz bruut
    October 2017
  • =[TGF]=bruut112
    Hello Hazard
    I am Bruut112 and i want to say something about your TGA server en your ADMIN,you proberly can or will do nothing about that.
    You know that we always have nice fights in game,and that i always respect all the players (the new and the more experienced).
    With the rest of youre clan i have nice games and laughs, but one admin (VR46) made playing impossible for me . In the beginning he used bad words against me ,let me tell you that i am a man with the age of 54 years old and granddad of 3 little kids that i can't accept that those words he used to adress me.Than he call me a camper when i i stay for 5 seconds on spot while he camp more tha 1/2 minute in dark on same spot or behind bed, i personly don,t have problems with that ,but when he is killed or when he thinks there comes a reaction about his camping he inmediatly kick me and now banned me .
    I apolegize that i have to use an other account because otherwise i couldn't play on tga server but he looked af
    October 2017