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    WHAT?what???AA2 and AA3 is realism..But have not dispersion cone.And AAPG is not realisn but have a dispersion cone !!!Just lol,i say often i play with clown and newbies player.Is verry exactly.But you say this game is just fps arcade or fps realism,plz aswer.But you speak this game is arcade,plz all time no forget (you remember) this game is just arcade with all post on this forum.Just good speak on this forum,AAPG is a fps arcade,30 days,you see all poeple understand and no cry here.Ok this game is arcade,sry never anderstand this game is arcade fps.Finality this game is verry good and i sure this game no better to release.Now anderstand this game is arcade,i say this game is verry good for arcade game...But sry isn t my fun game,isn t a game for me.But tank you for your explication.

    Here is the thing. We don't want or need an arcade game. If anyone wants an arcade type FPS, they should go play COD, CS, GRP and such.

    i wonder: if this game's maps were much bigger and had doors and such, if then these hipfire cones wouldn't need to be so exaggerated.
    you know, maybe hipfire wouldn't be such a big issue if the maps weren't so fricken small and everyone wasn't able to get from one side of the map to the other in under 12 seconds... going from room to room with no doors, seeing from one side of the map to the other with 5 scopes per team, if we weren't all sprinting around reloading sliding vaulting supported strafing zoom optic dancing.... in super close quarters...
    maybe then some accurate close range hipfire wouldn't be such a big deal... you know, maybe the ADS (and crouch/prone/etc) should be for medium and longer range engagements, engagements that don't happen in this game because the maps are not that size. nope. we just get cod size maps with no doors and no good missions.. am i wrong? :(

    We do need doors that open/close or stay half open. We need bigger maps, more realistic type maps.
    All of that will make AAPG so much more better.

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    I specifically remember a Dev stating that they wanted a way to keep the player in the game (keeping the younger crowd interested) as compared to the past (AA2/AA3). The answer so far has been run and gun small maps. That experience so far has been terrible. Key things they developed this game around (3d spotting and medic) have not been used at all how they were envisioned to be used and haven't satisfied players in the least. In AA3 they had a lot of network problems because damage was much more defined to different parts of the body. In AAPG they have maybe 3 or 4 damage areas and now you don't get the kills you expect. Comparing AAPG and AA3 in that regard, AAPG hasn't gained much at all in this "improvement". The medic system and body camping are a very poor reflection of the game and they will not succeed as they are. The system is hurting the game more than helping it. The ONLY reason the medic system worked in AA3 is because of incapping downed enemies and a damage model reflecting "real life" injuries. It's incomparable how well AA3 did it and AAPG fails at it. BDX and FLO is a bad concept in further segregating a small community. Map design must be at its worst such that you have to develop the game on two different levels of over-complication. They are/were trying to do too much and just quite frankly missed the target completely with AAPG.

    I got 99 problems... and everyone of them has been stated and restated over and over again (not just me, plenty of feedback exists in the historic forums). AA3 was full of bugs they quite simply couldn't fix. AAPG is full of bugs they don't know how to fix or mechanics and sounds they can't get right. I get it, it's a beta. This game has no long term future. I hope the Devs aren't scratching their heads. There is nothing to figure out. There are two existing forums full of really good information (whether I agree with it or not) and they need to be putting together a nice bibliography to look back on and really nail it down if they every want a game with a decent future.

    I want AA to be a good game, but AAPG won't be that game.
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    Wtf,You don't want or need an arcade game.Omg you don t see you have an arcade game!Sure my friend,you don t know this game,you have not a feeling with this game,you don t see on this game.Not on AA3,but on AA2 you have a good game play or never you kill other.Here on AAPG omg,plz look all video,you fire on ennemi and is no dead and him kill you,lolilolo where is just good game,good fps,good reality,where.But i see,now we have AAPG to 2 year ok,all just want a new gun,a new map a new nade...But accepte on this game(IS A FPS) a bad net code.I cannot to take you seriously.

    That is exactly our point and that is exactly what godfather wrote about.
    And contrary to what you think I have feeling for this game and I want for this game to succeed. Myself and many others have been in Americas Army since the old days. And we care, we care and we care. That is why we continue to complain and we continue to ask for the game to get back to its roots.

    On the other side, as I mentioned before, unless we want to buy the game and code it ourselves, the best we can do at this point is encourage players to play tactically, use comms and so forth.

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    I still have my xFi on deck just in case

    What you mean?
    what would it change? simple. 2 scenarios:
    1. say i am watching left side. you are watching right side. i have one enemy on my end you have 3. the fact that i can engage my enemy with a magazine AND then also sprint/rotate to your side to help you out WHILE ALSO having a full magazine when i arrive... these maps are small enough as is. adding this feature just means teammates can rotate/pounce in in an instant and be ready for action, regardless of empty magazine. the empty magazine scenario never comes up. because magic. oh, and because auto-reload. yeah! brain substitute turned up to maximum.
    without the ability to reload while sprinting, it would at the least delay that quick reaction force to assist those enemies you've spotted...
    2. personally, even minus the teamwork scenario, if i run around and see several enemies... i shoot/kill one and i sprint after the other one. i magically have full ammo when i catch up to the 2nd enemy... completely unfair. we're talking about abusing the definition of sprint... i shouldn't be able to go from enemy to enemy sprinting between kills with no down time, and no chance for them to outrun me...
    no respectable game aside from aapg has this feature, because it is silly.
    technically, it should be easier to pull and throw a frag while sprinting, compared to reloading while sprinting. i'm not advocating that we add sprint + frag, because that would be just as silly as reload + sprint.
    How long does a reload take? Because removing sprint while reloading is how much your going to gain from these scenarios. So for example #1. Lets say reload is 1 second...the guy rotating that had to reload would get there 1 second later than what he would if he didn't have to reload. Not to mention the animation of if you cancel reload mid reload the animation is faster to complete when you go to do it again. I still just don't see how this would change much :neutral:

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    Dalton, I don't think I understood your last post well.
    But we have no reason to stop. Stop means no caring and we care way too much about AA to stop.

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    I still think it's a misconception that new generation young players only like fast COD-like gameplay and don't like a somewhat slower game.

    How can they dislike something they've never tried? Some of them will like it, there's no doubt about it, and they will recommend it to others. The AA2 audience also had very different preferences compared to other games at the time.
    Recruiting tool or not? It's a sensitive topic but who even cares at this point, it doesn't matter, it matters if people want to play the game or not regardless of what its purpose is.
    Reloading while sprinting reduces the time needed to reposition and shoot with a full magazine.

    An example:
    1. You encounter an enemy and you empty your magazine, but somehow, you don't kill him.
    2. Your enemy has only fired 5 shots.
    3. You run around the corner to get a better angle and the enemy runs after you.
    4. Both of you have full magazines again because you reloaded while sprinting away.

    Failing to kill the enemy with an entire magazine on the first gunfire exchange should leave you in a bad position imo. Even more so when facing multiple enemies, competing for the killshot.

    Here is where picking up a secondary rifle would be a more valuable move. Currently it's just extra ammo.

    Another example:
    1. You see an enemy, you shoot all or most of your magazine and kill him
    2. Meanwhile you have seen another enemy running across an open space
    3. You run to reposition and reload at the same time saving valuable time to be able to keep this enemy in your sights.
    4. You've now killed 2 enemies instead of 1 thanks to sprint reload.

    Just to point out it does make a difference in certain situations, some more common than others.
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    I like it.. no reloading while sprinting.. the call has been made, we expect to see the changes within a day or two :smiley:
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    No stop/don t stop the game,but your complaints =).

    That is my point. We will not stop complaining because we care too much about the game.

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    We used to have no running reload, one drawback that annoyed a lot of players was when/if you had to take off in the middle of a reload you ended up with at best one round in the chamber.
    And it wasn't always clear that you had interrupted the reload.

    So, how does a compromise sound, you cant initiate a reload while running, but you can finish it.
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    =IK=Doba= wrote: »
    IO_i_OI wrote: »
    If I was on the AA team then I would certainly be going for the young COD, BF, Wii, PS4, NS next-generation gamers. This game is a tool for the Army to reach young people who may have an interest in what the Army has to offer for them. You can call it a Recruitment Tool.

    I think this game has something to offer to active, non-active, and retired Vets also, though I do not believe this was ever the main objective.

    A successful AA game is where a new player tries out AA for a few weeks then they start to research the options the Army has then the new player decides to enroll in one of their programs.

    I find it hard to believe some of you think that this game is just for entertainment.

    So, where is everybody? The Army is hoping they signed up and they are now too busy to game.

    Dude, AA3 was a recruiting tool, based more on realism.. AAPG is not.. its been mentioned many times over!

    You aint gonna win them COD,BF, console gamers over, they're looking for a totally different gaming experience than were offering or trying to offer, so dont even try! You might try to win the ones that are tired of that repetitive type of game play, but you cant compare with them bid titles! you will lose.

    We need to be different like in the old days, and winning the old crowd over should be our first step.

    While I agree with you wanting to win the old crowd back over do you really believe the US Army is spending any of their budget for us old farts?

    If you don't think this game is a recruitment tool then I have a hip Bachelor's condo to sell you in Turkmenistan.

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    frankof wrote: »
    We used to have no running reload, one drawback that annoyed a lot of players was when/if you had to take off in the middle of a reload you ended up with at best one round in the chamber.
    And it wasn't always clear that you had interrupted the reload.
    Ah yes; been there, bought the T shirt. (The one with the farm on it.) ;)
    frankof wrote: »
    So, how does a compromise sound, you cant initiate a reload while running, but you can finish it.
    If you don't mind I would amend that to read; If you initiate a reload while running you automatically go to a walk. Once the reload is finished you can then double tap (or what ever you have set up) to resume sprinting.
    If however you do not want to walk and go back to running then the reload will/should not finish. Sometimes the need to get out of Dodge is more important than a reload.
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    The reload/running topic is silly. I run and reload IRL. What soldier under fire running to cover wouldn't reload on the way if he felt he needed to?! Why make a problem out of something that isn't a problem?
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    And still no official advertising...we're doomed.
    I don't work today, so here's a formal response as to why I think it's terrible that they haven't started advertising the full release yet.

    The US Army is expected to spend about $190.9 million on advertising this year, according to the Defense Department’s 2015 budget estimate (Amrani).

    In 2011 Derek Thompson, a writer for The Atlantic, broke down the military's marketing budget showing that the US Army received 30% of the total budget which is more than any other branch of the military. This is no small amount, and based on the commercials I see on TV all the time, they do a pretty good job at spending their budget.

    Can the devs please start advertising so we can enjoy the game you worked so hard on? It's not like the Army is lacking an advertising budget.

    Amrani, D. (2015, February 18). Play the game, join the Army: How to market like the military - Digiday. Retrieved June 17, 2015, from http://digiday.com/content-studio/play-game-join-army-market-like-military/

    Thompson, D. (2012, January 30). War and Peace in 30 Seconds: How Much Does the Military Spend on Ads? Retrieved June 17, 2015, from http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/01/war-and-peace-in-30-seconds-how-much-does-the-military-spend-on-ads/252222/
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    I don't think you will be seeing AAPG advertised on your American TV ad breaks.

    I hope you prove me wrong with a youtube video sometime :)
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    We don't need for the Army to advertise. We need for the players to advertise.

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    Not only there's no advertisement, there's no media activity whatsoever....
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    SoldierBob wrote: »
    I don't think you will be seeing AAPG advertised on your American TV ad breaks.

    I hope you prove me wrong with a youtube video sometime :)

    I don't need it to be on TV, but that was just an example. Maybe some good old web advertising would help. Or at least support twitch more so the game can get recognized...
    Not only there's no advertisement, there's no media activity whatsoever....
    Apparently they have a facebook page, youtube/podcasts, and more but it's not really talked about on the forums. There should be a new announcement post or something when each podcast comes out.
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