My problem of lag

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Video that demonstrates my problem of lag when shooting an opponent, you see that I lags while firing at the enemy.
Video, 1.13 the minute can be seen, It may depend on what?

To see the video click here.

translated with Google translated.

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    not sure if you didn't get the famous second freeze right in the middle of firing, everyone experiences it differently, some longer than others, some more frequent.. but its totally random.

    seems its related to video drivers
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  • ||ATG||-Predatore||ATG||-Predatore Posts: 28Player
    My System:

    Intel I7 2.8 @ 3.2
    16Gb DDR3 1600
    AMD 7970 4gb DDR5
    OS Win 7
    Windows 7 Pro uploaded RevoDrive
    America's Army P.G. uploaded HDD 7200 RPM
    Driver updated to the latest version
    I do not understand.


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    System doesn't seem to make a difference.. neither does the newest driver. The current Nvidia driver gives me the sec random freeze also..yet the one from December does not.
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    I'm using the latest nVidia drivers with no problem. Sometimes, I get a freeze and teleport while running from spawn at the beginning of the round. Then I see a player with 400+ ping jump to 988 and back down to 350ish.

    Has anyone made a MMO game that doesn't have lag spikes?
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