Andrew Grubb (AKA Dev Grubber) 1985-2015

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Our team is smaller today. Our friend and fellow game dev Andrew Grubb succumbed to a rare and aggressive cancer, at a hospital in his hometown.

Andrew went by [Dev]Grubber on the forums. If you've heard of him, it was probably through the podcasts he did with [Dev]Tots - he worked hard to make those happen, relentlessly annoying whoever he had to. Andrew possessed an endearing, unconventional obnoxiousness. If you go back and listen to him, you can hear the chemo and radiation regimens taking their gradual toll.

As a studio, we've tried talking about Andrew's situation often over the last few weeks - always finding words too meager, always closing with "I don't know what to say". If Andrew were here, he'd still have plenty to say - he'd tell you to drop the excuses and get to work. He'd insist that you HAVE to play Chroma Squad. And, as he told everyone who'd listen these last months, he'd tell you to look for silver linings. I realize now that he's gone, however, that the way he lived at the end proved him only half right; you don't look for silver linings. You create them, when you find a cloud and shine a light on it. Andrew barely acknowledged that he was dying - obstinately, obnoxiously focusing on doing everything he could with his wife, daughter, family and friends in the time he had left.

I should note here that Andrew was diagnosed, treated, and declared cancer free several months ago; most of the studio found out at the party he held to celebrate. He had a new daughter and beat the rare cancer that took us by surprise. A few weeks later, several new tumors were found - malignant, spreading, very slim odds. He had every right to break down after that roller coaster...but he never did, at least not to us. He was obnoxious like that.

He was living so resolutely that we couldn't fit a word of sympathy in; we were left not knowing what to say. He took every opportunity to celebrate, to create memories. He lined the clouds in silver with everything he could muster. I urge you to do the same - find moments to appreciate the people around you. Brighten someone's day. Create memories. Line a cloud or two in silver.

So, without words that are big enough to contain what we've lost, I'll echo the last words I was able to say to Andrew.

Hey man. We miss you.

(These words are not my own, I am posting them for another dev who was kind and strong enough to write what the rest of us could not)

The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Blessings & Prayers to his Family & Friends.




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    Sorry for your loss
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    Very nicely said and fitting. Rest in peace, Grubber.

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    So sad, was really hoping he would beat this. R.I.P. Grubber.
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    R.I.P. Grubber.

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    The hungarian aa community wannts to say R.I.P. and we thank for the years of work with the AA.

    Hc|Captain(HUN) -
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    R.I.P. Grubber, the AA community salutes you.
  • R.I.P. Grubber , i also salut you

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    My condolences, very sad to hear. RIP Grubber.
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    Thanks for your work, Grubber. Rest in peace.
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    Sorry to hear about that, condolences.
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    rip grubber ... it was cool working with him the short time i did.
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    My condolences, RIP Grubber.
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    Rest in Peace good sir.
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    Sad news.. RIP Grubber
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    Very sad news. RIP Grubber.
    Stay strong, guys.
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    rest in peace Grubber.
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    Sorry for your loss, RIP Grubber!

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    I've been following Grubber's progress and hoping he would pull through. As a new father my thoughts are with his family and young daughter. RIP Grubber.
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    I remember sending him a PM early in the beta asking some game questions. Rather than just send a reply, he hopped on a Teamspeak server with me for the better part of a Saturday afternoon. Game design, how he got his start in the industry, what it was like working at the AA studio, his family... It was great to get to know him and says so much about what a wonderful, friendly man he was that he'd give a random player that kind of attention.

    I'm really sorry to hear this. Rest in peace.
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