PS4 Servers Going on 4 weeks unusable.

CjShimCjShim Posts: 7Player
Do the Dev's even care about us any more? They do not seem to read forum posts. They do not answer Tweets or make Tweets any more. Who do we turn to when the servers are not working? I've been playing Americas Army from the beginning. I started out on PC all those years ago. And although I no longer keep a gaming PC. I found a place in the PS4 Community playing. That place is in jeopardy. How many will still be playing by the time you get the servers back online and working correctly.

As a tax payer I think there needs to be accountability for your gross negligence in taking care of these servers. Sure this is a game, and it is not very high on the list of things to do. We are not asking for high on the list. We just want to be there. 4 weeks makes it seem like are are not ever even looked at any more. I remember when the forum was manned by more then 12 Dev's who answered questions, responded to problems.

I do not want to give up on this game. It is be far my favorite game of all time. Do not let it slip away and die.

PLEASE PLEASE !!!!! #Feed the gerbils, or what ever you need to do to get the servers back on line and working right.
Does the PS4 servers Acting up effect you?
  1. Does the PS4 servers Acting up effect you?7 votes
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    2. no
    3. I play PC only
    4. I dont care about this issue


  • xSwordShotxxSwordShotx Posts: 2Player
    Problem is, there isnt a game out there that even scratches the itch that this game provides.......Its sad its finally gonna completely die ........i made some real life friends from fun nights playing this giving them by the end of the week and then im just uninstalling and not looking back.
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    Ha you tried
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