ran out of VRAM

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I just installed the game and have barely been able to play one game. It immediatly kicked me the next map and said ran out of vram. I have looked around online and have found nothing that has helped. I currently have radeon rx 6800, amd ryzen 7 3700, 16 gigabits ram 3600, and windows10 64bit. Please help I just want to try this game. I used to play back when AA2 was out and trying to show my son a new game.


  • Bashar_al-AssadBashar_al-Assad Posts: 580Player
  • PurpleShark329PurpleShark329 Posts: 1Player
    Yes I am facing same issue.

    found anything for it yet?
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    This had happen for me also but only with unoffial maps.
    Never with officials.
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    I have had this for ages with custom maps like -]H[-Feertti mentions. And it could usually be resolved by joining another stock map first (e.g. official server) and then using the server browser from there to connect. But since a few weeks, even joining official servers caused it (also stock BDX).

    My workaround then became joining a 'training mission' of 6v6 bridge. And using that to boot-load. That worked for about 2 weeks and last week also stopped working.

    So my current workaround is to first load the trainining mission with the tiniest map I could find (custom: The_Corvette_Map) and then load into my server of choice from there.
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    Can you got to Documents -> My Games -> America's Army Proving Grounds -> AAGame -> Logs -> and send AAClient.log
    Better yet if you can just send the log file its self in a zip file
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    This is a known, well-reported issue in AAPG, and has nothing to do with actual video memory that is installed in your machine. These forum pages are full of this discussion.

    Everyone has their pet work around, and one thing we have noticed is that the 64-bit client works fine until you close the client whereas the 32-bit client seems to crash on entering. Kind of sucks. Also the problem is none of the UMM servers can use the 64-bit server if they want to run custom maps.

    I run the 64-bit client when we’re play testing with the rest of the betas, but I run the 32-bit client when I want to join the 101st, or whatever.

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    One of my latest workarounds has been join a BDX server (6v6 map) if you're wanting to join a FLO server. THEN...join the FLO server. No crash.
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