Can't get into any servers

-=I-Tal-Man=-[OFDC]-=I-Tal-Man=-[OFDC] Posts: 5Player
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Every time I try to get into a server, it says its full, when it clearly is not. I noticed the the number of players in the server list were reversed from normal. It usually says 1/12 but now it says 12/1 and can't get in. Any help?


  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    People on the AA Discord server are saying this is due to running Steam Beta version, if you switch back to the release version of Steam it should start working again.
  • -=I-Tal-Man=-[OFDC]-=I-Tal-Man=-[OFDC] Posts: 5Player
    I only have one Steam executable. Same one I always use.
  • -=I-Tal-Man=-[OFDC]-=I-Tal-Man=-[OFDC] Posts: 5Player
    The weird player numbers got resolved, but still can't get into any servers, just keeps spinning and "loading", every server i try. Ugh!
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